Career Aptitude Test for a Better Career Choice

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

A career aptitude test, as the name suggests is a test that is taken by students to make the right career choice and is also conducted by numerous employers to find the suitability of a candidate for a particular profile. A large number of career choices are available to each of us and it is important that we make the right career choices based on our capabilities to get success in the long run. There are several instances when children were forced by their parents to make career choices that were not in line with their abilities and as a result of which they have not performed well in their careers.
Role of Parents
Parents should ensure that their children choose a career on the basis of their capability and not a career simply to fulfill their aspirations. Many less-educated parents fail to offer informed guidance to their children. Such parents should encourage their children to take a career aptitude test to ascertain the best career path.
Role of Teachers
Teachers spend a lot of time with students and therefore they are a person to ascertain their likes and dislikes. However, teachers should not go by their gut feeling or personal preferences to give career advice. If they are not sure about the student's liking and abilities, it is better if they help the student in making a decision based on his or her performance in the career aptitude test.
There are usually 4 steps in a career aptitude test on the basis of which students are rated on their capabilities:
1. Skills - The first step involves rating the student on his/her skills, such as logic, management, interaction ability, communication skills, attention and focus, thinking ability, and physical strength.
2. Interests - Next, students are rated as per the interest they possess in areas like art, business, law, computers, science, outdoors, construction, and many more.
3. Style - Then, the style of working of a student is analyzed and he/she is rated on the basis of things like attention to detail, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, independence, innovation, self-control, and sociability.
4. Values - The last step involves rating the core value system and involves questions on support, working conditions, achievement, independence, and recognition.
There are a number of websites that offer free career aptitude tests. All you need to do is to browse through the Internet and find suitable tests based on your requirement. There are also several organizations that employ experts to organize these tests that also offer to counsel students and help them in making the right career choices.

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