Capturing Attention With Great Poster Headlines

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

So you are tired of writing the same old headlines for your poster printing. What to do? You need to write the next great headline to capture your target clients’ interest.

Whether you are a content writer, poster printing designer, or even a blogger, writing a great headline is a requirement to convince your readers to stop, read your ad, and ask for more information. With so many print posters out there, and still, many that are being printed every day, your headline is more important now than ever.

Writing a great headline for your print posters can help you persuade target clients to take you up on your offer. There is no definite way however to optimize your publicity, but improving how you write your headlines can definitely maximize your opportunity of getting leads from your poster printing.

Here are ways to engage your readers with your headlines:

Include hot trends –
People generally love to hear about stories that they have an interest in. This includes of course, those trends that are currently hot and popular. So if you want to get attention, be sure to drop a few hot trends in your headline to stir up interest.

A hot topic can consist of accessories that are in fashion. The Wii for example, can attract a lot of attention to your print posters. Even President Obama is so hot right now that every poster printed has his face on them.

Include superlatives.
The best way to whet the appetite of your target clients is to include as many superlatives as you can in your poster ad. Words such as ‘the best’, ‘easiest’, ‘excellent quality’, and ‘coolest’ can go a long way in getting your target clients interested in what you have to say.

Superlatives though are relative. The use of these words in your headline depends on the person reading your message. Some people, unfortunately, do not like it. Still, a good many others get hyped up with a superlative or two. So if you can, use superlatives in your headline and see an increase in your readership.

Say it all in summary.
A sentence or a few short words can help you say everything in your poster’s headline.

What about a question?
A leading question is a proven means to pique the interest of readers. A great headline then can be a leading question you can pose to your target clients. You do not tell everything, yet you leave them with something interesting that they would want to read the whole ad itself.

List it.
Lastly, use a list to add interest to your ad. Something like ‘Top 10 Hits of the 90’s’ or ‘Top 5 Printing Tips of the Century’ can gain you fast interest in your message.

Here is the point: writing a great headline can help you in many ways, the best of which is to stop your target clients in their tracks, read your message in your print posters, and get them to ask for more.


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