Can Everyone Use The Power Of Mind?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


All of us remember the commercials of the 80s; or at the very least, we remember its slogan: 'the mind is a terrible thing to waste'. While we're talking about something different than going to university today, the slogan is definitely on point here.
Your mind has lot more power than you might think; and the power of mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. When you can access the power your mind contains, you can use it to change the world around you for the better.
You've certainly heard about the law of attraction; the idea behind the book and film 'The Secret'. Whatever you put your mental energy toward will come to you is the message of the work.
The goal behind it is to help you understand that we can all manipulate our minds into creating reality by using the power of mind. In fact, some people have even blamed their subconscious mind on negative actions hoping it would lighten their sentences in a court room.
In scientific studies, this is sometimes called the observer effect, or the Placebo Effect. More plausibly, it's that keeping a good mental attitude and a solid set of goals in mind keeps you mentally prepared to take advantage of opportunities you'd've overlooked before. Opportunism is one of the great defining characteristics of successful people.
A good example will be two individuals having different choice of thoughts. There is one who thinks that he is really sick and on the other side there is man who thinks he is not. Both have different perspectives but in reality thoughts can have a great effect on our body and soul.
All of us have experienced something like this in our own lives. We all have those days where we wake up thinking that this is going to be a bad day - and in fact, these days usually are. This is the power of the mind at work.
It has to do with the power of your mind - when you think a day is going to be a bad (or a great one) then your subconscious has the ability to make this happen.
There is an increasingly large body of scientific evidence which suggests that there is a basis for this phenomena in the laws of physics. A surprising idea comes from the world of quantum mechanics which suggests that matter (which at its most basic level is simply energy) exists only when being observed - suggesting that our minds may have more influence over the universe than we have let ourselves believe in the past.
Many scientists now believe that all so called 'supernatural' powers such as esp, telepathy, remote viewing, psychic and clairvoyant phenomena can be explained in terms of quantum theory.
Even though you may not have really thought about it too much yet, the power of your mind can be the key to changing your life for the better.
The power of the mind is something that you can train yourself to use for your own benefit. If you could use your own mental energy to bend the universe and make positive changes, wouldn't you want to learn how?
Let's take a closer look at how to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want.
One important thing to keep in mind is that it is far easier to focus your mind to achieve a specific goal rather than a general one.
It will probably be difficult at first, but if you stick with it even on the first time out, things will change.
Many people already know about the power of the mind and use it every day to make their goals a reality. They are able to decide on a specific goal and put all of their mind power towards this objective - and this is exactly how some of the world's most successful people have managed to become who they are today. It's not difficult to do, though learning to focus your mind on your goal does take a little metal training.
Thus such individuals are in fact able to drive all their mental energies to the goal they have set in their mind. In fact now that the mind is supreme the other energies too find a path to help the person attain the goal. This feat may overwhelm people because it may sound so easy to perform. But the truth is that it is easy if we are determined enough to carry out the task of using the mind power.
Visualize changing your life. Decide what you want. Say for example you want your dream home. Now all of your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be directed towards that end. Even imagine yourself in that house painting and decorating it or landscaping the gardens.
From now on, everything you do needs to be focussed on getting that house. This could be anything from choosing the decor color scheme to looking at the best rate for mortgages even if you think you can't afford it the moment. Buy a few things to put in the house.
Then just watch what happens. suddenly it all falls into place. Your dream house comes on the market at a great price. You get the mortage and move in! All of your thoughts and energy have been directed at getting the dream house and you got it!
Every one of us can do this. It's just a matter of understanding your own inherent abilities and believing in the power of the mind to achieve the things you want out of life. Start with a small goal and you can work from there to accomplish ever greater things.

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