Boost Your Human Growth Hormone This Safe Way If You Want To Age Well

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

There is a lot of misinformation going around about anti-aging and human growth hormone. Yes, HGH is essential to your good health - but you already know that. You also know that higher than average levels of HGH are associated with better than average health and appearance for a given age. What I want to point out here is the enormous difference between 1.) stimulating your body so you produce more of your own growth hormone naturally and 2.) injecting your body with human growth hormone. If you want to age well, stick to option 1!

My aim is to show you what's safe and what you should avoid when you try to improve your health by minimizing or reversing the effects of aging through increasing your HGH levels.

Let's start with what human growth hormone is.

HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland of all healthy humans. It is most important during our childhood and teenage years, when too small an amount will cause growth to be stunted. But even after this time, the hormone is essential to keep our bodies functioning normally. At age sixty, the average person still produces a quarter of the human growth hormone they produced at age thirty. This reduction in HGH production is assumed to be a natural part of the aging process. But is the reduction in the amount of HGH in the system the actual cause of the aging process? Without a doubt, good levels of human growth hormone are essential if you want to age well.

As the baby boomers advance through middle age and become seniors, there's more and more interest in ageing well. What's becoming clear is that we have options to explore about wellness and aging. And there are plenty of examples to show how someone's chronological age doesn't tell the whole story about the physical and mental changes that we associate with advancing years.

People who have a naturally high level of HGH production, or, at the very least, slower than average decrease in HGH production, seem to postpone aging until later in life. This accounts for the dramatic difference in apparent ages of people born in the same year. Think of your average 48 year old then compare them with Jamie Moyer. He's just turned 48 years of age (November 2010) but he's still pitching against players half his age. And for as long as he keeps winning ballgames, retirement seems unlikely. He's a terrific example of how to age well.

On the other hand, you can probably think of people in their forties who look well past sixty! There are a lot of factors involved in the aging process - lifestyle, diet and genetics being high up on the list - but every one of these has an effect on your HGH levels. Anything that causes your HGH levels to diminish will add years to your appearance, fitness and even your outlook.

Your pituitary gland produces your human growth hormone. Generally speaking, as you age, this production slows down. But this decline in HGH levels is not inevitable. Your pituitary can keep up the level of production of HGH it achieved in your younger years, if it is stimulated appropriately.

The only other way to boost the levels of HGH in your system is to inject yourself with the stuff - and that's downright dangerous. There's a whole list of side effects - some of which are deadly. Also, if you boost your HGH by injection, your pituitary is being trained that it doesn't need to continue to produce HGH itself. Your own natural levels of HGH then plummet - with dire consequences.

Your aim, of course, is the exact opposite - to encourage your pituitary gland to increase production of your own, natural human growth hormone. As you research all the possible ways how you can age well, you'll find this goal should be top of your list.

Your pituitary gland will be fired up to manufacture more growth hormone if you increase your dietary intake of the specific amino acids which form the building blocks of HGH. It also requires micro nutrients like GTF Chromium and plant extracts from Astragalus Root and Tribulus Terrestris.

Make your pituitary work harder the natural way, and you can improve your human growth hormone levels. You can then enjoy more youthful looking skin, increased physical stamina, improved memory and concentration, more lean muscle and less body fat. It's a long list, best summarized as - adopt the secrets of anti ageing and you'll look and feel younger!

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