Books for True Spiritual Awakening

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Merging with the self is the closest manifestation of spiritual awakening. The desire to find oneness within lies at the core of spiritual awakening, urging every true seeker of spiritual gyan (spiritual knowledge) to get in touch and invoke the innermost self.

The works of Indian mystics of the stature of Sri Valmiki and Sri Vasishtha have for long inspired anyone seeking spiritual awakening to transcend all kinds of metaphysical barriers to the world of spirituality. One of the most acclaimed spiritual books on that front, Sri Yoga Vasishtha vividly depicts the best practices and practical guidance for all real seekers of spiritual knowledge and awakening.

The book holds abstracts of the conversations between Lord Rama and Sri Vasishtha when the former was on his path to enlightenment. For centuries, Sri Yoga Vasishtha has stood out as one of the best spiritual books for self-awakening, guiding the true seeker toward the ultimate goal.

With some of the best spiritual writers in contemporary times, Dr. Sai Rochaldas Sahib and Dr. R.M Hari, Gyan Marg's repository of spiritual books, including Sri Yoga Vasishtha, is adapted to suit modern literary tastes. These works are a great source of rich medieval knowledge necessary to break free from the ambit of worldly materialism and embrace deeper spiritual manifestations.

Moreover, the lucid simplicity and precise abstraction makes these spiritual books deeply meaningful and incisive for seekers of all age and types. Drawn with meticulous care of reproducing the original, Gyan Marg's spirituality books offer profound knowledge with amazing clarity and comprehensibility.

Our Spiritual ebooks come with rich annotations and transcriptions, guiding readers to better comprehension and understanding. The compilations unravel the longest-held secrets of all religions, the power of mysticism, and the essence of philosophy. The simplicity and directness are strikingly unmistakable.

Gyan Marg's collection of spirituality books effectively covers a wide range of topics like Satsang, Silence & Concentration, Posture & Diet, Sleep, Service, Charity, Endeavor, Yoga, Blessings & Love-- basically everything that can be a force in fostering your spiritual awakening.

While there is no real accounting for the signs of spiritual awakening, going by the heart is the most revered approach. Spiritual ebooks at Gyan Marg provide rich mystical knowledge to aid every true follower of the heart in pursuit of inner enlightenment.


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