Body-Mind-Energy Balancing and holistic therapy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Body-Mind-Energy Balancing is the core of every holistic therapy.

It is based on the knowledge that there is neither separation nor boundaries between body, mind and energy (soul). ([] )

Each and every organ and system has its own specific function, not just physical but emotional and spiritual as well. Happiness, health, satisfaction, knowledge and prosperity can not reach their entire potential without the understanding and the balancing of the entire system.
Life brings about varying types of tense situations, unpleasant experiences, and traumas which leave their marks on our body, causing negative feelings and incorrect insights on ourselves and the world around us.

We all have repressed feelings and emotions caused by experiences we experienced as embryos, babies, children and even as grown ups. In order to repress we tense our muscles, which causes disruptions to the circulatory system. These contractions create stress in our body, pain and diseases - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; often mounting up for years without our control and typically even without our knowledge.

People usually respond only when they commence to experience pain or illness. Unfortunately they then search out treatment which is typically symptomatic - medication or even going under the knife, unaware of the fact that the indications were important signals.

For most of us it is simple to comprehend that when embarrassed we blush, our cheeks become pink and our heart rate increases; when scared we start to sweat, our muscles become tense and our heart beats more rapidly; bad news can paralyze us and excitement raises adrenalin levels in our body. Nonetheless, we find it difficult to understand that loneliness, sadness and dissatisfaction can also be reflected as physical symptoms.

It is likely to believe that heart attacks can be produced by hyper stress or anger, but it might seem absurd to think that back problems can be caused by an unsatisfying job or financial issues.

Our body doesn't speak English, Spanish or any other spoken language. But it talks to us through signs - pains, chronic issues - skin problems, digestive problems, allergies, sprained muscles and other diseases. When we stop listening to our body, it tries to holler ever louder, resulting in more symptoms and an increase in the severity of current ones.

Body-Mind-Energy Balancing Treatment is targeted at comprehending our body-mind-soul language, to decode the signs. The experienced therapist, along with the client's narrative, will decode the mystery of the body, mind & soul, comprehend the syndromes and treat them.

The kinesiology approaches fluctuate between clients, customized to their needs, aspirations and inhibitions. These approaches include: conversation, art therapy, body work, movement, vocal therapy, breathing, healing & many others.

When the whole system of Body-Mind-energy (soul) is balanced we can boost the joy of living; use our talents and gifts; nurture satisfying relationships; enhance self-esteem and realize our goals.




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