Beyond Our Limiting Beliefs !

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

What is Limiting Belief ?

A Limiting Belief is a generalization of conviction, accepted as real without any proof of information. Usually a Limiting Belief creates artificial boundaries around our personal life.

What a Limiting Belief can do?

It can trick one into not proceeding further

It keeps you away from the realities of our Life

It prevents you from taking risks in Life

It prevents you from proceeding further

It prevents your Personal Growth

It prompts you to repeat negative attitude

It keeps you away from the responsibilities of Life

It blocks your journey to attain your Goals & Dreams

It makes you lazy & encourages you to procrastinate

It makes you doubtful & fearful

It always prompts one to get evidences for everything

It prevents you from your imaginative life

It always makes you a negative & discontent person

It prevents sudden achievements in life

Some Common Limiting Beliefs In Life

I think that I am not having proper skill

I am not good at doing this

I think that others can do better than me

I don't have sufficient experience to do this

I think that I am not a Smart person

I believe that I am not an important person

I think that I am too young in this group

I think that I am too old for this gathering

I believe that I am not a rich person

I think that I don't have sufficient time to do this

I believe that I don't have the inborn ability to work

I hope that this project is too difficult for me

I think that I will not succeed in this venture

I feel that I am always tired & lazy

I experience that nothing turns out positive in my life

I can see that nobody is appreciating my work

I believe that I will never get what I want in my Life

I hope that I will not find a proper & a smooth path in my life

I think that I can't control all the events in my life

I believe that I can't offer any good things to others.

Please understand that your so called Beliefs are not actual facts. But they look like true.

So Let's break our beliefs to find our the Truth.
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