Between emotion & intelligence and Corporate

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Is emotion dominate and determine the course of actions of human life or the intelligence? Which one is more powerful in us? What is emotional intelligence, so widely spoken about by the HR of most corporate?
Human life always witness and or become victim to the never ending conflicts between emotion and intelligence. When emotion determines the actions, the ‘actions’ will be generally stupid in nature and on the contrary, when intelligence commands our actions, the ‘actions’ will be generally insensitive in its content.
Both ingredients are essential and inevitable for all our actions and thoughts. But at what proportion each one should be in our decision process is impossible to define as only the situations or circumstances alone determine that. Does it mean that the decisions or actions of man are circumstances dependent or in other words, man is nothing but a product of circumstances? The answer will be no and never. According the need of the situation and what the present circumstances demand or require, one has to calibrate the proportion or quantity of both emotion and intelligence.
Which one, the emotion or intelligence helps us in accepting or understanding many odds and adversities in our life? If we travel deep within us, we can unravel the truth that only our intelligence take us close to truth and our emotion generally impede such journey. Emotion at most instances never listen or accept what intelligence speak and nor the intelligence respect the ‘emotion’ although ‘intelligence’ has the power to couch the emotion.
Is there any situation where our emotion accepts the truth or reality very fast where our intelligence becomes insensitive to the truth or reality?
It is very strange that there are instances our emotion can accede the truth much faster than our intelligence. Such situations will be very stray and difficult to describe.
The intelligence has its tuning and programming and so is our emotion. The above process starts from the very day of our birth. Certain things in our life may fall beyond the ‘recognition space’ of either the intelligence or the emotion. When we fall into such space, life becomes very mechanical, monotonous, frustrating and nomadic.
If we understand a bit about brain death, we can connect how our intelligence fails to accept the death while our emotion shows a level higher than intelligence in accepting the same.
Imagine if a close relative of ours is declared brain dead, we can see the person with both our emotion & intelligence that a reasonably normal breathing with all other functions. Our intelligence will question us on the death of the person as it perceive the ‘person’ to be in a state of ‘come’ and not dead. Whereas the emotion accepts that the journey has come to the dead end and nothing else to hope on further.
Even after the funeral is over, the intelligence fail to accept the death and will continue to question us, whereas the emotion will painfully accept the death and may continue to weep.
The irony is that the emotion does not have the ability to counsel the intelligence as only the intelligence alone has such capability.
In such situations, our intelligence becomes an orphan, pushing us hopelessly to the bottomless pit of grief.
How to deal with such situations? Only way is to train the intelligence to believe and accept many impossible or unintelligent things in life. It is not training for just the emotional intelligence is enough; training to the intelligence to believe in fictions is what the need of the hour. Corporate must focus on that.

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