Better Things for A Better Life

better life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

As days, weeks, months and years are passing on, we are getting older and older. For that matter, we are gaining more experiences and lessons in life. Actually, we are getting better and better. If we look retrospectively, we are amazed to see that how we had changed? Sometimes it is very interesting to note the ways and means we had adopted in our life to become better . For some years we were less successful. But on the other hand in some years we were more successful. This type of ups and downs occur in every bodies life. But it is a fact that, if we pursue on some of the best success , motivational & inspirational tips and tools, we can consistently maintain our success throughout life.

In this Article, I had made a sincere attempt to collect and compile some of the best tools in life to make us more successful.
Better to understand that the meaning of Leadership does not indicate your position, but it is an Indicator of how you influence others.
Better to feel and act like a physically and mentally fit person.
Better to Motivate and activate other persons.
Better to be a good person always by your behavior and approach.
Better to be among Optimistic persons.
Better to believe in the reality of your future dreams.
Better to understand and value your success.
Better to take a new task every day.
Better to watch a Motivational video on YouTube.
Better to be a team maker wherever your work.
Better to remember that personal relationship is more important.
Better to be a pleasing person always.
Better to maintain a smiling attitude often.
Better to use the word 'Thank you' frequently.
Better to plan 7 major projects for this year.
Better to think about success than failure.
Better to focus more on values and virtues in life.
Better to not to think about money alone.
Better to live spending less.
Better to live saving more.
Better to maintain a Positive mental attitude always.
Better to be a truthful and transparent person always.
Better to become a problem solver than a regular problem creator.
Better to do less things in a better way than doing many things incompletely.
Better to respect and take care of your parents.
Better to help the needy persons whom you meet.
Better to become a patient listener.
Better to become an under promisor than an over promisor.
Better to spread your knowledge to others also.
Better to be a flexible person, than a rigid one.
Better to read a Motivational Book daily.
Better to remember that for everything there is a reason.
Better to understand that ever body has got some capabilities.
Better to maintain the habit of eating only sufficient food.
Better to drink more water daily.
Better to do regular exercise in the morning.
Better to relax whenever you need.
Better to think about good things in life always.
Better to understand that we are living in a world with unlimited possibilities.
Better to avoid the habit of Procrastination.
Better to spend some time daily sitting alone.
Better to understand that our life is very short & we have to do a lot of things.
Better to become an observer in life.
Better to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Better to understand & accept the good things what others say.
Better to use prompt and excellence words in communication.
Better to understand the importance of laughter in life.
Better to not engage in gossiping and negative comments.
Better to understand the core values in life.
Hope that these 'Better To' tips and tools will definitely make us better. You may add to this list.

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