Better Sex For Better Health And Longevity

Dr. Purushothaman
July 15, 2018

Any discussion on the topic of healthy living focuses on eating well, exercising and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and drinking excessively. Very little thought is paid to sexual wellbeing which is just as important as any other component of healthy living. Having sex is not just a basic instinct, but also one that has tremendous physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Anything that has an adverse impact on your sexual health can start to impact your overall life and hamper it.

People are encouraged to consult a sexual counselor in case they are suffering from any sexual problem. This is because anything that impacts your sexual wellbeing will take a toll on your mental and physical health. On the other hand, being sexually active and enjoying a good sex life can have a lot of benefits including decreasing the risk of early death.

Impacts Health in General

Sex is a physical activity that keeps the body functioning well and also increases the circulation of oxygen in the body. This keeps the body physically fit and also curbs a lot of mental problems such as mild anxiety and even stress. It also gives an emotional euphoric feeling which keeps both men and women satiated and happy. Even men suffering from problems like high cholesterol comparatively bring down their risk of heart problems by having a healthy sex life.

Improves Married Life

Our interpersonal relationship has a strong impact on our health and well-being. If you share a good rapport with your partner, you will obviously not have to go through any emotional or mental turmoil with them. Couples who are satisfied with their sex life tend to be happier in their relationships. Lack of sex can take away the excitement and romance out of any relationship. Online marriage counselling in India also focuses on bringing back the intimacy in a marriage both emotionally and physically.

Live Longer

Eating healthy and slogging in the gym is a good way to keep yourself in shape. Sex though not just keeps you healthy but is a whole lot fun as well, moreover, it helps create a special intimacy with your partner. Sexual wellbeing can go a long way in keeping you fit, healthy and happy. Sex releases several hormones in the body, improves blood circulation and creates a euphoric feeling. Physical intimacy is not just a great way of bonding, but also fights off loneliness and depression. Men who have a higher frequency of orgasm see a reduction in mortality risk.

Fills Your Life With Love

Being loved and cherished is a great contributing factor as far health and longevity are concerned. Sex is a physical way of showing love and enhances the bond between two people. It makes one feel desirable and also improves self- worth. This, in turn, improves a person’s self-esteem and makes them feel happier and more joyful. It obviously makes two people feel all the more special to each other. So, keep alive the spark and enjoy a great sex life to not just add more happiness to your marriage but also your life and health.

As important as sex is, it has always been a very hushed up the topic. Living in well being addressed a lot of important issues related to sexual wellbeing. You must be comfortable about your sexual life and health and in case of any concerns, don’t hesitate to make use of free online sexual counselling in India. We also provide in-person sexual counselling in Kerala.

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