Better Protected Than Sorry - Health And Safety In The Contemporary Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Occupational health and safety injury is one of the most preventable types of infection, injury and accident that happen. There are several actions firms and organizations must try ensure their workplace is a pleasant and safe environment for individuals.

Firstly, there ought to be roles and responsibilities that are the sole duty of senior management. Administration should find a way to monitor workplace health and safety and both they and personnel should have access to expert advice from a qualified safety officer.

Secondly, an agenda must be set up for what to do when workplace accident occurs (see reporting below) and what to do following the accident. Methods that ensure a smooth return to the workplace for people who are returning after injury are also very important to help them readjust to work-life.

Additionally, all incidents, regardless of how large or small, have to be noted and recorded. This can be required to give work insurance and work address claims together with keeping record to locate possible trends and future occupational health and safety situations.

Fourthly, all professionals, managers and staff must be correctly trained to perform their jobs and have adequate knowledge of the workplace safety procedures required by law as well as those implemented internally by the organization.

Fifth, the maintenance of health and safety within the office can be an continuous subject material and requires regular reformation to make sure that companies and companies are always up to date with the newest laws and regulations. It is also crucial that you observe ongoing occupational health and safety related injuries and analyse existing, past and future developments to recognize potential hazards within the workplace.

Sixth, all risks must be managed by OHS representatives. Risks and hazards within the office should be identified accordingly and controlled by qualified safety officers.

Finally, organizations must make certain that all staff has use of a properly trained qualified safety officer. This can be in the type of a specialist or an internal employee who has undertaken training. Still another option for companies would be to find an OHS adviser or even a health and safety team in control of all accounts and staff requests.

The OHS staff should also perform safety examination to detect any possible risks or safety problems. This prepares the firm for audits from an external safety officer and guarantees the safety of both workers and employers within the workplace lowering OHS accident and injury.

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