Best Motivational Books And Self-help Books

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Motivational books have always been a great supplement as a confidence builder for individuals aiming for a better success rate in today’s highly competitive environment. A motivation predominantly is a force that drives the desire to achieve a goal. Motivation is said to be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic value is the measure of quality or value, which is self generated, on the other hand extrinsic values is more tangible and externally available and is usually absorbed by an individual. It’s a combination of both the intrinsic as well as, the extrinsic motivation that is required in a desired proportion to attain an upgraded personality.

As it is said that selecting a better in the crowd of goods is a job for the experts, rightly so people seek the assistance of experts in the selection of a appropriate motivational book for assistance. Readers follow their favourite critic closely to choose the right book for themselves. Best motivational book is the one, which focuses on the reader for an all round development. In the present scenario everyone is striving for a better and more successful lifestyle, be it on the career front or personal front. Today’s society is better equipped as it is well informed, more aware, educated and goal focused. Gone are the days of a superior dominating a subordinate, the entire corporate scenario have been changes from as battle field where individuals are contesting for personal betterment. It’s the team or the army of individuals working towards the common goal, which attracts the limelight.

Often a team effort bears results that are virtually impossible for an individual to attain for an organisation. A more symbiotic relationship is the buzz word in today’s corporate front, apart from superior motivating a subordinate, encouraging and supporting them, it is also seen that helpful suggestions at the right time from subordinates have worked wonders for the superior. There is a very fine line between motivation and manipulation, motivation refers to the drive towards the goal, whereas manipulation is getting things done by influencing other in a predetermined manner. Human being are a superior breed only by virtue of body to brain mass index, coupled with the ability of being able to employ resources in a judicious manner.

Various types of motivation empower unique strengths and magnetism; it is often advisable to be open to different types of sources of motivations. There can be a variety of motivation, but a ideal book according to experts to have at least seven basic motivational ingredient, namely, self-enhancement motivation, achievement motivation, internal motivation, affiliation motivation, competence motivation, power motivation, and attitude motivation. A good motivational book should have a cocktail of the entire above motivational ingredient.

We being a social animal are surrounded by both biotic and a biotic environment and our actions effect either directly as well as, indirectly to the environment. So a welcome change in us should bear a positive influence on the environment. Importance of motivation is a well debated issue; often the dialogue shifts to an argument as groups supporting and opposing the motivational theory have a clash of ideology. Motivation has different positions for different fields, speaking in terms of an organization the basic idea of motivation is to attain the under mentioned; employ human resources optimally, raised level of efficiency, focus on achievement of organizational goals, friendly work relationship, and stability of work force.

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