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Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Career astrology is mainly determine by seeing the person's passion and obsession in life through the main chart and looking at his or hers divisional chart, divisional chart.Career Astrology will help you understand capabilities, potential challenges and provide remedies to overcome the tough times. Astrology can help you plan your career and make better decisions and risks to plan your next move for a better and secure future.The Aries personality is assertive and energetic which fits in well with career fields that require a sense of self-confidence and willpower.Competitive by nature, the Aries personality needs to be challenged, and to be recognized. The Sagittarius personality is one of a visionary that seeks truth. They are open minded and very interested in the well being of those around them, and in the mental realm of ideas.An overriding factor here is their need for personal freedom.The Capricorn personality is one that continues on their path despite all obstacles.They are loyal and they will put in the work that needs to be done to succeed. They are literally the worker bees of the Zodiac. A Capricorn personality is also one that believes in themselves and their ability to get things done. Astrology has the ability to take our personal characteristics and help us define the career world that will serve us well while we contribute in a significant manner to that world.The astrological configuration of the birth chart / horoscope play a major role in deciding to choose and get success in a particular field. In a birth chart / horoscope the lord of the 10th house of profession, 11th house of gains & fulfillment of desires, 1st house of decision & recognition, 2nd house of accumulated wealth & status through family/profession and all planets are considered and analyzed to predict for the native's professional / career aspects in life.Career scopes in their life were very limited as well as only a few people had access to education.Positive Mercury also brings good intelligence to an individual. Jupiter that is considered the Guru of all planets surly brings wisdom attained through education. So that all planets, their placements in horoscope, their transitions, direct and indirect effects of one planet to another and several other aspects actually decide the destiny of an individual.
The Career Opportunities Astrology Reading combines both your natal talents and inclinations with a life overview that tells you where you stand right now and where your best opportunities may be awaiting you if you know where to look.Astrology uses a system of time and date of birth.A positive influence of auspicious planets in a person's career horoscope has made some people successful in their respective careers at a very early age and on the other hand we have some people who met bad times at young ages but eventually, the flourished with time.Career is connected with finance, vocation and ultimately, gains and self- satisfaction.Astrology provides some ultimate solutions and remedies for your career horoscope which boosts your confidence to stand up against the wind and still move forward precisely just according to your career horoscope.Astrology can help you access your creative nature and express yourself in the highest and best way possible.The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained while Saturn was in Libra and now apply it in the real world.Rahu essentially generates ambition, the person may live with insatiable career ambitions, changing career many times. Rahu essentially generates ambition, the person may live with insatiable career ambitions, changing career many times. If other signatures of the horoscope are harmonious, the person's work and effort greatly benefit society.

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