Benefits of Goal Setting

Dr. Purushothaman
October 18, 2013

Imagine the following picture: You find yourself lost in a big city, where you don't know anything or anybody. The roads are complex and you are completely confused. The only device that can help you is a GPS device, but what if you haven't taken one with you? Goal setting in life works just like a GPS - it guides you through bumpy roads, helps you make the best decisions and ensures that you stay on track all the time. Without goal setting you'd wander aimlessly through life and never be completely sure where you are supposed to go or what you are supposed to do.

Goal setting is what enables you to focus on the present moment, imagine the future and invest your energy into achieving it. Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker and famous author, once said that, "Goals are the fuels in the furnace of achievement". The simple act of goal setting is a sign of your embarking on a journey. You will always hear people say that making plans and setting goals shouldn't be the primary focus of your life, because nothing is certain, but this is a mere excuse. Without goals, your life can never become complete, because you wouldn't recognize great opportunities even when they are right in front of you.

Read below to find out what the benefits of goal setting are and how you can use them to your advantage.

Goal Setting Helps You Stay Focused

Most people imagine and yearn for success, but what successful people do is actually stay focused 24/7. Losing focus of your goal is like taking a wrong turn on the road - it takes time and effort to get back on track. Focus is one of the key ingredients of goal setting, and one of its ultimate benefits. Even when you rest you still need to actively think and judge the situation that you are currently in - where are you headed to and what can you do to get there faster. If you don't stay focused you will eventually lose your motivation and become lost in the mere trifles of your daily life.

Goal Setting Helps Overcome Procrastination

Have you ever thought how your life could've turned out differently if you had never spent an hour procrastinating? This is many people's frailty in life and a big part of human nature that can severely jeopardize any potential for success. Procrastination wastes time and energy in simply doing nothing or doing something that doesn't even help you reach your goals. It's a fact that most people who procrastinate simply don't have clear goals. Therefore they don't think they are doing something wrong - they are simply living their lives, being idle occasionally and not realizing how this affects their achievements in the long term.

Goal Setting Sets Barriers and Helps You Manage Your Time

When you have clear and solid goals for your life, it's like creating an invisible barrier between your work and efforts, and the rest of the world. Goal setting gives you the freedom to say "no" more often, to focus on your progress and to take responsibility for achieving your goals. Set specific goals, commit to them and feel obligated to achieve them. Let people know that you have goals and no distraction is acceptable. This will lead you to much better time management and overall plenty of benefits. You will concentrate better, feel more energetic and motivated and more of your daily tasks will become easier. One of the biggest goal setting benefits is without doubt the increase in efficiency and productivity.

Goal Setting De-stresses Your Life

If you feel stressed most of the time, it's time to set some personal milestones and master your time. Aiming higher than usual will give you the clarity that you need and motivate you to achieve more than you think is possible. A great benefit you will notice shortly after is how much easier life becomes when you have goals. Just by asking the right questions and setting solid goals, you will de-stress your life considerably. Living with the passion and desire to succeed at all cost will enhance your inner power, improve your time management strategy and the way you view life in general. Don't know where to start? Write down your goals on a piece of paper, stick it above your desk and watch your life change one goal at a time.

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