Benefits of Family Counseling

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2018

Every family will face problems once in a while. But at some point family conflict becomes too much. This is because of trouble in understanding each other. It may be also an effect of changing expectations as you grow older or due to lack of trust in family members. There may be also problems with parent, child relation, it might be because your parents see things through a different perspective  since they are from a different generation, or  they maybe from a different country.

During conflicts what happens is we usually change our behavior or we will react differently than usual. This is the way you show to the family that you dislike the situation. It will also give you a feeling that you have more control over his situation. But what will happen at the end? It will make your family confuse and they may even make a detour from the real situation. It is normal in every family to have some conflict, arguments and disagreements. But sometimes it will be hard to overcome this. There will be lots of reasons for this conflict and disagreements, but it also opens different ways to solve it. It is better to be prepared to discuss rather than arguing. You should always be prepared to make compromises, if it comes necessary.

Family therapy is intended to express problems that affect the mental health of the family. It mainly includes problems related to major life transitions and mental health condition. It is mostly used as a primary mode of treatment. The family can take the therapy when they face any situation which will make problems with their relation with other members of the family. The problems can be financial or personal.

Family counseling aims at understanding and collaboration among family members. Through this they can solve problems of one or more individuals.

Family therapy usually uses techniques and exercises from different areas of psychotherapies, especially from cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, or other types of individual therapy. The technique used will depend on the type of problem. In case of children behavioral and emotional problem will be a main reason which will force a family to see a counselor. Actually, these problems will not occur all in a sudden, it will always be related to other problems in the family. While considering the word family therapy, we should consider the word ‘family’ which not only involves members in blood relation, but also involves other members who play a supportive role in one’s life.

There are so many types of therapies included in family counseling. Some of the common types of therapies used include.

  • Bowenian;This form of therapies is mainly used for those who do not want to involve other family members in the treatment. It was mainly based on two core concepts, one is triangulation and other is differentiation. In triangulation there will be a natural tendency to distress by talking to the third party.

  • Structural Therapy;This is based on the theory of Salvador Minuchin. It has five basic principles. These principles include.

The therapist usually focuses on the interaction between its members not on the individual mental state.

-“Matrix of identity” based on personal interactions within the members.

The family structure is based on social interactions

-“Well-functioning family” is based on how members respond and develops according to family needs

- The family therapist helps the outgrowth of the family members and constraining growth patterns and develop  a stronger entity.

  • Strategic Therapy;This is a theory which is developed from a number of psychotherapies. There are five different types of therapies which include a brief social stage, the problem stage, instructional stage, the goal-setting stage and the task-setting stage.

  • Systemic Therapy;This is rooted from family system therapy. There are a number of family therapies which had contributed in the current systemic therapy. Current days, systemic therapy just moved away from its main course and approach problems as they occur.

  • Narrative Therapy; It always encourages the individual to face the problem with their own problem solving strategies, thereby giving them support and strength to face any problem throughout their lives. It not only focus on the big issues, but also it help to solve tiny problems of day to day life. In this therapy the individual will make a story of their own life. Thereby he identifies his role in his own life and it also evaluates whether his own strategies of problem solving is effective or not. There by counselor tries to help the individual to develop some plans for action for the individual to navigate throughout the life.   

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