Do you know these interesting facts about Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Human behaviour is one of the most fantastic and interesting facts. Behaviour and character are the primary quality of everybody. Our behaviour is mainly modified by various factors - Both internal & external. Our mind setup, our thinking, our concepts, Belief and the like play a great role. Our endocrine system also influences our behaviour pattern. Even our food habits influences our behaviour. Even today we don’t know the exact causes that create behaviour changes. We are aware of the common behavioral patterns that we see and experience in day to day life. Below we are trying to present some very interesting facts about our behaviour.

1) Increase levels of the hormone testosterone stimulates people to get enjoyment from other people’s Anger.

This is a quality of a male person as testosterone is present only in males.

2) Humiliating others is a quality of persons with reduced Self-Esteem

In many studies it is noted that those who are having low IQ tents to humiliate others.

3) Our Body Sensations affects our behaviour

Most of the time various sensations and stimuli has got direct relationship with our behavioural expression. If there is a painful situation that definitely affects our behaviour adversely. So also if there is a pleasurable situation that affects our behaviour positively.

4) A Sense of Hardness and Rigidity makes us Inflexible.

5) If situation permit, we are prone to commit immoral activities

6) Most of the time we behave as expected by others

7) More mental effort is required to tell a lie.

8) When somebody is watching and observing, people behave in a better way.

9) Our morality is a reflection of our behaviour

10) Many a time external appearance & the well behaved nature can be misleading

11) Our behaviour reflects our inner quality

12) Intelligence and Wisdom are the qualities of successful people

13) Anger can stimulate the desire of possession.

14) Complex decisions as sometimes taken very easily.

15) Most of us take quick wrong decisions and then regret immediately
       You may please add more items to this list if you think so.

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