Behavioral Health

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

These days, many people suffer from various health disorders and illnesses, among which we should mention behavioral health disorders. These conditions affect people of all ages, regardless of whether they are men, women or kids.

If you want to know which the most commonly reported such disorders are, then you should find out that conditions like depression, anxiety, panic, drugs and alcohol abuse definitely fall into the category of behavioral disorders. However, you need to know that teens seem to be more exposed to these serious and worrying conditions.

Today, many families have to deal with different sorts of conflicts within them or they are dysfunctional families, which has direct consequence on the behavior teens have. It is no secret that many parents are using too severe, harsh punishments on their kids in order to teach them respect and to enforce certain rules they should obey. Unfortunately, the only things they obtain are to make their kids hate them, to destroy their self-esteem or to push them into doing various unusual things for their ages. Most teens that get bad parenting at home easily come to steal, consume alcohol and drugs and even to get pregnant, despite inappropriate ages. You also need to know that, there are not fewer cases, when teenagers experience depression, anxiety or panic disorders. Mostly, teens that are depressed come to isolate themselves from the rest of the schoolmates or they find it difficult to make friends and to communicate with other people. If you are a parent and you have such teens around you, then you need to know that offering them unconditional love, comfort and support can make a difference in the way they act and choose to behave in human interaction. It is also advisable to be a more caring parent, who avoids to react impulsively, to shout or to frequently punish his/her teens.

Basically, behavioral health refers to the connection that is established between human behavior and the healthiness of the mind, spirit and body. It is obvious that an adult or a teen, who doesn’t have a good self-esteem, will act and be different from the rest of the “normal” schoolmates or colleagues and he/she will easily come to develop behavioral and health problems. If your kids or teens consider you more like their friend and confident, then you are guaranteed to make them grow into the positive and optimistic grown-ups who are appreciated and respected by everyone around.
For further information regarding behavioral disorders, you can browse the Internet, where you can find out more about the causes and effects of behavioral health disorders.

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