Behavioral Assessments and Pre-Hire Assessments For Effective Hiring

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Behavioral assessments and pre-hire assessments are powerful hiring tools that are used to determine the aptitude of a candidate for a particular job. These tools can be diverse in nature as it differs from one company to another.

But the goal of behavioral assessments and pre-hire assessments is to put the hiring process of every organization on a sounder footing than ever before.

This brings to focus an interesting fact conveyed by Thomas Jefferson when he stated that it was not necessary to determine the fitness of a person for the position he held. However, this view ceases to hold relevance now. With small to mid-sized companies receiving a sea of resumes for limited job vacancies, it is critical to measure quality and performance capability of potential candidates. This is also necessary due to the scarcity of talented employees in the current scenario.

Reasons To Conduct Behavioral Assessments
The hiring process is no longer confined to sorting out resumes but one that is now increasingly based on behavioral assessments. This is largely because companies leverage as much information as possible about the job seekers to make a speedy decision.

Here are some reasons why behavioral assessments continue to be an indispensable part of most pre-hire assessments:
 Traditional pen-and-paper hiring techniques are no longer churning out employees who can be considered as trustworthy and integral to an organization.
 In the late 90's, only 5% of the Fortune 500 companies used a reliable type of assessment for hiring. Today, this figure has topped to nearly 65%.
 Predicting the performance capability of job seekers is nearly impossible due to lack of trustworthy data in resumes, references and even in interviews.
 Behavioral assessments provide information on predictive capability of a job seeker and how that person is likely to react in given situations at the workplace, especially during stressful conditions.
 Behavioral assessments also help an organization to select the job seeker who is 'wired' in with the essential behavioral characteristics that go with the vacant position.

A Research Paper on Pre-hire Assessments
About 58% of the 158 companies of various sizes were covered by the research firm, Aberdeen, for using pre-employment assessment as part of their hiring process. This is clearly shown in the pie chart given above.

Trends suggest that this percentage is steadily increasing. This is clearly due to the fact that behavioral assessments and pre hire assessments leverage the 'emotional wiring' of every job seeker. These assessments also measure a person's level of communication skills, confidence, emotional intelligence and ability to deal with stressful situations.

So, it is clear that behavioral assessments and pre-hire assessments also make the following possible in the organizations where it is implemented:

 Estimating the potential of an organization's human resources.
 Developing the skills of the workforce in future.
 Tapping the talent in a better way and to a greater extent.

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