Instilling Good Child Behavior

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Every mom and dad would love to be complimented on how well-behaved their children are!

This is a proven fact. Unfortunately, few parents give others the opportunity to do so. Many simply get too caught up in their important matters at work to really evaluate the way that their kids behave in public. Good child behavior rarely comes along naturally. Kids often want items and will act up until they get their way.

Giving in to a child's FANCY should never be an option. It is merely the parent's way of eliminating an embarrassing situation without taking the time to correct the inappropriate child's behavior. You can correct poor behavior and have a well-behaved child who will grow into a respectful and respectable adult.

The Store Screamer
The parents of the store screamers are absolutely abhorred by the other shoppers. Those parents believe, it is a stage that all kids go through but they are dead wrong. When this ghastly child behavior is exhibited, it simply shows the others in the store that the parent is incapable of teaching the child how to behave at public places. It also reflects their inability to learn anything from the parenting classes that they probably had taken before the child was born.

Young parents are notorious for allowing and yes, rewarding this behavior.
When training a puppy who has urinated in the house, the responsible person would say “no” and immediately bring the pup outdoors to do his business. If the owner gave the puppy a treat after using the carpet as a toilet, he would be rewarding the dog for bad behavior.

The store screamer is usually awarded the treat he was screaming for by young parents. These are the parents who are teaching their children that if they scream and carry on, they will get the object that they desire. Rewarding bad child behavior is never a good thing.

The child should be immediately removed from the store. By eliminating his presence near the item that he wants, he will learn that this manipulation technique no longer works. The parent will be looked at by the other shoppers as a caring parent who wants the child to learn proper behavior in stores. This also shows the other shoppers that you were not a dropout in your parenting classes.

The Tantrum Thrower
One of the banes to society is the public tantrum thrower. The first tantrum never occurs in public. In fact, it almost always occurs in the child's own home. The escalation occurs when the parent caves in and gives the child what he wants simply to shut him up and have a quiet environment. Tantrums are actually learned behavior that was allowed to go on by young parents.

Although difficult, the child can learn that throwing temper tantrums is inappropriate and unacceptable child behavior. Believe it or not; adults who were allowed to have tantrums and never taught how to control their emotions have been reported to still have forms of tantrums when they do not get their way, according to psychologists. Unless you want your grown child to behave in this manner, you need to take care of it now.

Information given out at parenting classes states that after a couple of at-home tantrums, the parent should come to recognize the signs that the child is going to have a tantrum. Once you see the first sign, warn your son or daughter that this poor child's behavior will not be tolerated, and walk out of the room. Many times, if you are not there the bad child behavior will cease. You can reenter the room once he is behaving appropriately.

Should the tantrum continue?
You will need to pick him up and remove him to a safe and quiet place. Once there, walk out and leave him. Do not cuddle, hug or reward him in any way. Let him cry it out if need be. He will eventually calm down and learn that tantrums and bad child behavior will not be tolerated and certainly not rewarded by you or your spouse.

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