Becoming An Internet Marketing Expert - Building Blocks To Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Internet Marketing Expert - this can sound a bit intimidating? To become an expert, you need to spend years studying marketing strategies, SEO, and other skills, right? Wrong, flat out wrong. A lot of the time, people make this industry far harder than it needs to be. A lot of the time people are the ones getting in their own way, holding them back from the success they deserve.
There are many things you can do to become an internet marketing expert, but I would like to focus on the top 3 steps that will net you the most return on investment. These are simple strategies to success, and they are far too often missed.

1. Brand yourself as a leader - this is by far, the most important step in becoming successful. For most people, this step never comes. Self confidence issues, disbelief of success, and other mental struggles normally get in the way of building the belief that YOU are a natural born leader. You just have to start acting like one. Look at all the successful people in the world - Zig Ziggler, Jim Rohn, Tony Robins - Every single one of these leaders built an empire off of a brand - themselves. People do not join businesses, they join people. Ask yourself this question - Would you want to work for yourself? If not, there are some changes that will have to be made from within.

2. Everything is an opportunity - Most people have tons of opportunities pass by them, yet they don't even recognize them as an opportunity. To become an expert, you will need to become a master in situational awareness. You will need to think creatively. You will have to eagerly look for opportunities to introduce yourself and your business. Network with people. Build friendships. Advertise your business. One of the most successful people I know is able to create wealth out of this air - his expertise lies in the ability to creatively find ways to generate cash flow upon demand - this should be your ultimate goal.

3. There is no such thing as downtime - Many people who are in the Network marketing only work the business at night, after their day jobs, and lose a lot of valuable time during the day. To explode your business, you will need to take advantage of every second of spare time you possibly have. What are you doing on your drive to and from work? Are you making prospecting or follow up calls? Are you listening to personal development material? What about lunches and break at work? Hanging out at the water cooler, talking about the last episode of your favorite TV show? If you want the success that allows you the freedom you deserve, you will need to fill all of your spare time with money making activities.

Ultimately, the path you choose will be littered with choices you have made. Expertise comes from experience, but it also comes after making conscious decisions to do the things most other people are not willing to do. Start with the small controllable goals you set for yourself, and from there, move to the bigger ones.

Remember, you can pursue success with the hopes of catching it; but it is far easier to become the person who attracts it.

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