BE Happy Now... The Key to All Your Dreams b

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Sometimes, we gotta stop all the scurrying, all the busyness, all the to-dos and planning - so we don't miss the key to making our dreams come true... being happy NOW.
It's so easy to get caught up in plans for the future, for our dreams... consumed with the where and when and how... easy and fun to talk about.
But, just as it's vital to have a plan of action to reach you dream, it's also a big mistake to ignore being happy TODAY... in this present moment... NOW.
Sounds a bit conflicting, doesn't it? I mean, I write often about not waiting for œsomeday ... not sitting and wishing and waiting to live life on your own terms... not holding off until retirement to do what you've always desired... to live your dream now, not later?
And now, I'm saying you should be happy where you are right now... what gives?
How do you straddle both sides of the fence? How do you keep one foot on your dream and one foot in the present... and be happy about it?
How do you blend the two - your future dream life with where you are right now?
It all comes down to just being happy... always... every minute, every day... in every situation that develops... not just when things are going right, but in every big or little problem, every setback, every disappointment... in everything.
This is the magic key, and you don't want to miss it:

when you ARE happy, that breeds contentment, which brings peace, which builds assurance, which opens doors... to an awareness of joy and gratitude that allows life to change and grow and create your dream.
The state of being happy isn't simply created by just focusing on thinking happy thoughts or writing a gratitude list, although those are worthy activities to get you started on the path to happiness.

Being happy isn't something you do, it's something you ARE.
It is a transformation of your very being.
In every way, every single moment you are... happy.
If your attention is focused on what isn't working out as you thought, your happy tank is being drained of precious, vibrant, creative energy.
If your conversations dwell on problems and frustrations, happy has to take a back seat, move to the back of the line, getting lost in the shuffle.
But, if happiness permeates your thoughts and actions and conversations, your happy state of being will grow exponentially... filling you with contentment, peace and assurance... creating a state of more and more and more happiness.
It certainly isn't easy being happy all the time. Life throws stuff at all of us that stops us dead in our tracks. It happens - it's the ebb and flow of living.
I have shared with so many people that we are so so so ready to pull up stakes and hit the road NOW, to have a different view out our back door, to experience amazing places we've never seen, meet new people, living on a never-ending roadtrip... ready to live the next chapter of our dream.
And yet, it's not time for our great escape.
So, now what? How can we be happy while yearning to hit the open road?
Well, we could do what we used to always do...allow the frustration and disappointment to take hold. We could complain and fret and worry about when and how and why...
But, that would drain all the happiness we have realized... living in the most beautiful setting where we are surrounded by glorious hills and fields, where sunsets are spectacular over the river, where coyotes and owls and eagles entertain, where a blanket of stars covers us at night, where we have shelter and warmth and protection.
So, as the Fall leaves dance through the air in the wind, we choose to dance with them... happy and content... right now, where we are.

Sing along with me... don't worry... BE happy!
Naked Hippies Road Trip!


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