Basic Knowledge Helps in Converting an Entire Personality

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Generally, parents are fanatically shows interest in the regular basic academic education like- Reading, Writing, Calculating, etc. They also had a race to make their students join at extracurricular activities. But many of parents forgets that how important is good health. Development of children is very important as they are the one who will be future of tomorrow. Also it helps to build their inner personality.

India has the largest child population in the world. So the responsibility is also bigger. Significant progress has been made and health education in schools got introduced in India. It is often seen that youngster get easily attracted to bad habits like taking alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.

Also children of young age get lots of friends, it is not impossible for parents to follow their child every time, hence education is the only medium from where lessons for good health is being taught. They should know what is good or what is bad for them. Our government understands the need of awareness, therefore health awareness program is being organized in every possible both in urban and rural areas.

Kids are also exposed to numerous unwanted things which result in diseases; proper care is needed in this case. Other sensitive but big issues related to health are physical growth, disease prevention, safety issues like: riding bikes, crossing streets are also being taught underhealth awareness programme.

So that youngster can think of their safety. Our government and literate society is determined for better society, and priorities of the basic needs and rights associated with children are amongst top in list. Main goal beyond this health education is not only to make your child gain knowledge but also make awareness.

Parents involvement is also been required as it will help children to connect with the issue well. Early learning is always good as things that we learnt as a child is always in our mind. Guardians should not hesitate to talk openly with children about grow up age problems, sex related problems/queries, aids prevention, and harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, smoking, sharing will help your child to decide what he/she wants and what not, what to do what not to do.

Children are assets of any country, and all efforts made to spread health education in schools proved to be fruitful and are successfully accepted by children and their respective parents Thus, you can not only earn knowledge but also learned about positive health behavior. It also helps your child to be positive in adulthood. Therefore comprehensive health education is and should be an integral part of school time.


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