Balancing Structure and Flexibility in Goal Achievement

Dr. Purushothaman
August 27, 2013

Have you ever felt not getting anywhere in life? Or do you work so hard and yet you still end up thinking that all your efforts are not worthwhile? Perhaps, the reason why you are having these unpleasant feelings is because you are not spending enough time to think about what you really want in life and you haven't set your goals formally. Of course, anyone who sets out in a journey must know where he is going in order to get there.

Goal setting is proven to be a very powerful process in achieving whatever you desire in life. It allows you to turn your vision of your future into reality by having the right kind of motivation and knowing where to focus your efforts. Here are more reasons why you should not miss out on personal goal setting.

1. Goals give you a clear target to aim for. You cannot manifest what you want without setting concrete goals. With a clear target in mind, you will be forced to use your time and resources wisely to hit that target. Always remember that all things are created twice. First, you create something in your mind. Then, you must work on it to become reality.

2. Goals provide the right kind of motivation, desire and persistence. The biggest accomplishments in life are often riddled with obstacles and failures. This is why people don't always get what they want on the first try. If you are aiming for something significant in life, it is likely that you will be faced with different struggles before you achieve it. Thus, you need to have the right motivation or reason to move on when things get rough.

One of the main reasons why some people fall short of achieving their dreams is because they forget their reasons why they need to move forward and work harder. Having a clear set of goals allows you to remember why you shouldn't let yourself fail.

3. Goals help set your priorities. You will find a lot of diversions between where you currently are and the place where you really want to be. Other people might even tell you or influence you on where to go, thus altering your main objectives. Do not let other people determine where you should end up. Goals give you a mental framework of your priorities and help you do the right things based on these priorities.

4. Goals let you take full control of your future. Whatever goals you set in life, whether it is about relationship, work, family or health, you are creating a specific path for yourself. It means that you're putting yourself in control of your life and you're not letting anyone or anything hinder you from achieving your dreams. In life's journey, you are the driver of your own vehicle. And if your vehicle is the choices you make in life, the goals you set are maps that will take you exactly where you want to be.

5. Goals make you time bound. Its one thing to say, "I will be a team leader" and another to say," I will be a team leader in 6 months". It's like giving yourself a deadline. And by doing so, you are putting a little bit of pressure into the equation of success. Pressure is also a good motivator to work hard and see the realization of your dreams.

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