Bachelor of Science in Education

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

The Bachelor of Science in Education enables both traditional and non-traditional students to become competent educators, who demonstrate professional attributes and the ability to make educational decisions within a Christian Framework. The Bachelor of Science in Education is a teacher certification program.

The graduate in the Bachelors of Science in Education from Victory University will demonstrate subject matter competence within their discipline; use appropriate communication skills; support the intellectual, physical, and personal development of all students, establish instructional experiences based upon content within today's diverse educational setting; become a reflective practitioner and create experiences where learners become reflective practitioners; demonstrate professional demeanor and ethical behaviors. Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Education will allow Victory University to make a definitive recommendation to state agencies for teacher certification in appropriate disciplines.

In order to fully matriculate students are required to pass the Praxis I test series or report acceptable scores on the ACT/SAT, pass a background check, and achieve an overall GPA of 2.5. Further matriculation into Student Teaching requires that prospective teacher candidates take and pass the Praxis II series of tests and to have achieved a grade of C or better in all Education courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Education affords opportunities for students to participate in relevant field experiences throughout their program. These field experiences occur with the cooperation with local schools and are supervised by Victory University Faculty.

The culminating experience in the Bachelor of Science in Education is student teaching where teacher candidates work in a local school with cooperating teachers and University faculty. During student teaching, candidates will have field experiences in both urban and suburban/rural settings. The ratio of one university professor for every four teacher candidates affords candidates with a high ratio of success.

Our Focus:

The Teacher Education Program is approved by the Tennessee Board of Education and is authorized to make definitive recommendations for state licensure. In accordance with Title II of the Higher Education Act (2000), Victory University reports a pass rate of 100% on the licensure examinations required by the State of Tennessee for school year 2007-2008. This compares favorably with the 98% overall pass rate for the State of Tennessee.

A key element in the program is the requirement that students complete (600) hours of student teaching before being recommended for a regular license. During student teaching, the student is observed and given feedback by a college faculty member and a cooperating teacher in the school setting. The ratio of one college faculty member for approximately four (4) student teachers ensures a quality experience for students.

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