Be Aware of these Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Dr. Purushothaman
March 7, 2018

High blood pressure has become a common problem in many people. The ones who suffer from high blood pressure could possibly develop other harmful diseases. The major plot is that people usually do not even realize that they are a victim of high blood pressure. Most people fail to recognize the symptoms and carry on with the sedentary lifestyle. A good lifestyle and change in eating habits can control high blood pressure. To find a cure, one first has to understand the signs of hypertension.

Common high blood pressure symptoms

A certain category of people is at a greater risk of getting high blood pressure. Those who may weigh more than the normal weight and age are both major factors of high blood pressure. Apart from these two factors, heredity can also be a cause of blood pressure.

Let us look at the common blood pressure symptoms:

Regular headache
Regular headache can be a major symptom of blood pressure. Those who have regular headache must pay more attention and look out for early cures as that can help from saving the condition from worsening.

High blood pressure can again be a strong indicator of high blood pressure. The pressure rate increases and that cause one to feel light headed and dizziness. This can get dangerous and harm one. It is important to identify the issue and get immediate medication.

We all feel anxious at some point, those who feel anxious and feel that they may get a panic attack; they are at a great risk of developing blood pressure. Please do not ignore these pain and symptoms as they many worsen your condition.

Nose Bleeding
We do not suffer from nose bleed unless our body is in major trouble. When one notices a bleeding nose, they must get regular checkups and look for a doctor to treat and check their condition.

Blurred vision
Blurred vision is also an obvious symptom of high blood pressure.

Kidney issues
Those who have kidney issues or failure are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure problems. Those who do not take care may develop pain and hypertension.

Swelled body
A swelled body is a strong symptom of hypertension. Those who may experience swelling in their body, they may be a patient of high blood pressure. Following some natural health tips will help reduce swelling and also bring relief to high blood pressure.

Heart Attack
A patient of heart attack may also be suffering from high blood pressure. Those who have high pressure issues, they will be at a greater risk of developing acute diseases that may even cause a risk of life. It is important to have Healthy foods to eat so that the conditions are under control and helps one lead a healthy life.

High Blood Pressure symptoms in pregnant women
High blood pressure in pregnant women can be dangerous at times. Preeclampsia is a symptom that indicates that the pregnant woman has high blood pressure. There will be an excess amount of protein in the urine. Preeclampsia usually happens during the 20 weeks of pregnancy period. Symptoms such as sudden gain in weight, low vision, swelling of the hands and feet during the pregnancy period and shooting headache can give you the signal that you have high blood pressure. Mild preeclampsia can be treated by following some simple steps such as taking good rest, not including salt in the diet, drinking a lot of water and regularly taking medicines for lowering the blood pressure.

Premature birth is yet another symptom that shows that you have high blood pressure. Such a stage happens when labor starts right before the 37 week gestation period. It is common to have labor during 37th or 42nd week. Usually the cause for premature infant cannot be found out. But chances are that mothers who have high blood pressure tend to have premature infants.

Change your lifestyle
Each person who feels these must check with a doctor for hypertension. There are high chances that they may be suffering from it. Immediate medication and a healthy lifestyle will help bring some relief.

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