Awakening to the LifePath Unlimited Business Opportunity

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

LifePath Unlimited is a successful home-based direct-sales business opportunity for people worldwide, which was founded in 2006. LifePath's associates thrive personally, professionally and financially as independent business owners. LifePath provide the products, tools and training necessary to support their associates' efforts. LifePath Unlimited also trains their associates to be great entrepreneurial leaders, fully organized, efficient, productive and capable of achieving massive success.

LifePath Unlimited is an extremely successful personal development company. All around the world, LifePath Unlimited helps people develop a greater level of awareness and enhance their life skills including body, mind and spirit skills, success skills and happiness skills. It is a premier provider of personal development audio, video, printed and online education content and live event conferences and seminars.

LifePath Unlimited was found after asking the following "What If" questions? What if

A company created unequaled products that truly changed lives?

- offered an unparalled income opportunity?
- delivered superior training that redefined standards?
- provided a community of passionate leaders?
- together gave big globally?
- stayed hungry for excellence?
- acted with real integrity?
- refused to settle for mediocrity?
- was on a mission to change the world?

What if a company finally did it right?

LifePath Unlimited is also a highly productive global giving community. Through their intense and focused charitable efforts, LifePath Unlimited and their associates provide financial and personal assistance to people in need around the world. They train their community members in the importance of being a "go-giver" and making a positive difference in the world.

This is a wonderful company that has the vision to be the premier company in the multi-billion dollar personal development industry. They hold these values to be of the highest importance: caring, integrity, kindness, excellence, leadership, consistency, persistence, compassion, prosperity, community, health, gratitude, play, growth, and fun.


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