Awakened Body - To Increase Creativity and Productivity

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Many of us just live our life with a sleeping mind. Most of the time, we are physically present at various locations but our mind will be absent. This could lead to loss of productivity. Better concentration and focus can be achieved only when you have control over your mind. Many times, even mental stress and pressure can have an effect on our creativity. All this can be controlled with simple exercises and techniques from Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga is beneficial to us in many ways and one such amazing method is to increases energy levels within our mind as well as body through effective breathing exercises. Maya Fiennes with her years of dedication in learning to energize the mind by combining the most essential yoga techniques has come up with many helpful and useful books, CDs, and DVDs.

These programs can help you to overcome daily work pressures, tensions, loss of concentration, tiredness, and more. You’ll feel refreshed as well as achieve more happiness. The material happiness won’t last long. Achieve happiness from your inner self by practicing the advanced yoga techniques from Maya.

Benefits of awakened body and mind

• Be focused
• Better concentration
• Be creative
• Better memory power
• Better productivity

The world looks totally different when your mind and body are awake. Kundalini teaches you exactly how to achieve that with minimum effort and time consumption. All you have to spare is just 10 to 15 minutes in a day to achieve this amazing perfection of living better. This new age technique has transformed the life of thousands of yoga students across the world.

Kundalini is responsible in strengthening your nervous system, activating the glandular systems, and helps in balancing your emotions better. It can also be very beneficial in managing your weight and stress. A calm and energized mind can do wonders. Many individuals use a combination of stretching, breath control, and meditation to relax their minds.

Maya Fiennes has made it possible for us. Through her collection of useful DVDs and CDs, she has entered thousands of homes across the globe. Yoga Technology has been responsible for reaching out to thousands of yoga enthusiasts who want to make a difference to their life. is an online tool where visitors may access information and buy videos, books, and DVDs to study the amazing techniques of Kundalini Yoga. Are you ready to lead a meaningful and realistic life? Empower yourself with these larger-than-life techniques.

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