Awaken Your Soul Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone in social media makes reference that we are in a state of high Unemployment. I say we are in a time where people need to do some self-reflection and reinvent themselves. I am going to go a step further to say there are jobs and purposeful work to do. If you really want lasting income and get paid what you are worth then now is the time to Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose. We have entered a time where we are being called to a higher level of accountability. A time when we are called to make a difference using our gifts, talents and natural abilities or better known as our Soul’s Purpose. We have come full circle and once again we are called to own our own enterprise.

4 Steps to Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose…

1. Connect with Your Feelings â€" Create a Daily Ritual of writing about your feel through the Power of Journaling. Write about what you really want for your life and how you feel. You can take a powerful step and write about what you would like your life to look like on December 31, 2012. Remember no one is going to read what you write besides you, so be honest tap into your heart and express your deepest desires, even it you don’t believe they will come true, when you are writing it. Re-read your journal entries once or twice a week so you can connect in a meaningful way with the words on the page. Make sure you update your journal with any new revelations that appear in your consciousness along the journey.
2. Discover Your Passions â€" What are you passionate about? What could you do and lose track of time? Explore your passions and see if there is a link to your current life or career desires. Each day look to incorporate more of your passions into your daily life. Treat this process like a new relationship, have fun with it, as this will allow for a deepening of your connection to your Soul’s Purpose
3. Make a List of Your Talents â€" Think about the areas you naturally excel in and look to see if you can turn some of your talents into a meaningful and profitable career for you. Ask 5 of your closest friends, What you are really good at? Reflect on what they share with you to see how you feel about their response. What resonates with you?
4. Decide to Embrace Change â€" Some times FEAR of Change is the very thing that is holding us back from exploring and connecting more deeply with our Soul’s Purpose. What I know for sure â€" What you are seeking is also seeking YOU!

Invite you to come along with me, on a journey to Awaken Your Soul, to connect to your core, the place where you pure DNA lives which was created at the time of your conception. I like to call it the “Tapestry of Your Life”. The place where you heart sings, purpose lives, and your mission begins! A place where your spirit has been beckoning you to travel to for a long time!

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