Awaken Your Hidden Mind Power With Subconscious Reprogramming

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Often, people assume that they are in control of things around them. Circumstances, situations, environmental factors, decisions, choices; anything that is dependent on logic and reason and conscious experience, people believe they are truly in control of these elements. Yet what they do not understand is that they are in actuality at the mercy of these factors, rather than the other way around.

At least, until they are "awakened."

What does being "awakened" truly mean? It simply means being aware of one's own subconscious programming and having the ability to make positive alterations to it as one chooses. It may seem like a complex theory, but the truth is, it is simpler than one might think.

Let us use an example to illustrate this point.

Gary is a 35 year old successful businessman, yet when it comes to relationships he is unable to settle down and form for himself a happy, fulfilling relationship. According to his complaints, he is unable to find a woman who is not domineering and seeking to control him. He is confused, because any woman he finds attractive ends up becoming controlling and suffocating, despite him thinking that they were fine to begin with.

The thing that Gary is unaware of is the fact that his inability to form a relationship with a woman, his feelings about these women being domineering and controlling, is actually caused by his own subconscious program, one that might have been ingrained into him at some point of his life. It could be due to an early experience that automatically triggers the negative emotions associated with domineering and controlling elements when it comes to women, and the best guess anyone could make would be a past failed relationship. This subconscious programming has thus become a part of who he is, because he truly believes that it is true, and he has subconsciously made it as part of his core beliefs.

This problem with the subconscious is not uncommon.

It can, however, be overcome by awakening one's hidden mind power. This mind power can, quite literally, rewrite the subconscious program ingrained in one's mind into the contrary. For example, in Gary's case, if one were to trigger the awakening of his hidden mind power, he would be able to make a conscious decision with regard to his beliefs about domineering women. He would have the power to break free from his conditioning and take complete control of his life. He would have the ability to make rational decisions based on his own desires rather than unwittingly sabotaging his chances of forming a meaningful relationship with the woman of his choice.

The fact is, everyone has the latent ability to awaken their hidden mind power. It is in every human being, encoded deep within the subconscious mind, but years of our own education, and our own experiences have made this ability obscure. In the past, luminaries and ancient mystics knew of these secrets, and it is time for you to once again possess this age-old secret.

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