Awaken To Your Dreams

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

When it comes to dreams, there are really two different types. The first is the subconscious dream that happens when you're sleeping and that tells a story in your mind that is sometimes based in reality and sometimes based completely on imagination. Sometimes these dreams are entertaining, sometimes they are scary, but typically they are a subconscious communication with yourself. The more important kind of dream is the conscious dream. This is a dream that you create deliberately and one that describes the state of existence or the state of accomplishment that you wish to achieve. The conscious dream is a powerful tool, because it is the first step in envisioning the kind of life that you want to lead.

The problem with the conscious dream however is that for many people that's all it ever is. It's a dream that's never acted on, and it never becomes reality. For the most part, the reason this occurs is because making a dream reality requires taking action. And taking action by definition means implementing change. It is part of our natural makeup to resist change, so psychologically we often tend to shy away from our dreams because of what it will require us to do.

Performance improvement experts generally recommend first writing down your dreams and then making a commitment with yourself to make them a reality. Often times our dreams are fleeting thoughts that we may have on a recurring basis but that we don't commit to, and certainly don't think of as becoming real. The truth is that your dreams can become real provided that you want them to, and that you're willing to make the commitment to make the changes in your life necessary to allow your dreams to come true.

Start by envisioning the life that you want. If you're dreaming about something better than what you have now, the power is already in your grasp. You know that your life can improve and you want it to. Listen to your dreams and wake up to them, because they are your roadmap to a brighter and happier life. Pay attention to your dreams and give them their due, because your dreams are you telling yourself what you want.

Too many people today are unhappy with their station in life and with the lifestyle that they lead. They don't spend enough time with their family, don't have enough wealth in their life, money is a constant worry, and they're consistently stressed trying to make ends meet. You don't need to live your life this way. You should dream the life you want and then live the life you dream.

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