Awaken the Consciousness: Subliminal Messages For Self Enlightening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Science has given us many staggering theories that hold the capability of changing human life altogether, not only materialistically but aesthetically as well. One such arena is the human mind, which is kaleidoscopic in its design and complex in its anatomy. Spiritually, the human mind has the capability to resurrect the dormant wishes and abilities of a human body and enlighten life altogether.

Self-improvement is the basic idea behind this system, Subliminal Messaging is a powerful way of presenting images and audio stimulations, which are not perceived by the conscious mind but picked up by the subconscious mind.

Many influential writers have mentioned in their top-notch writings that the subconscious mind has the ability to change the lives of people. Our conscious mind behaves as per the environment but the subconscious mind stores the wishful fantasies and the real aspirations of a person. Triggering the reservoir can actually catapult the facet of the present life and solely leads to one attaining maximum Mind Expansion.

The concept of Subliminal Messages was incepted in a very interesting yet everyday kind of situation, when a New Jersey theater inserted a message during a showing of The Picnic in 1957 that was flashed every 5 seconds, for 1/3000th of a second, across the actor's face. Unbelievably, the message comprising popcorn and coke sales increased sharply. The message was somewhere running through people's minds and subconsciously, it was fed into their brains. Now, this wasn't self-improvement, however, typically represents the effect on the commercial stage, that too with success.

Talking about the most popular techniques of Mind Expansion processes in order to unlock the capabilities of a soul, the Subliminal Messaging system implements processes that facilitate self-improvement:

Injecting the message into an audio tape in conjunction with a normal message that is audible to the conscious mind.

Using the hypnosis technique, which is also a technique that hits the deep routes of the subconscious mind.

Mind control techniques, involve self-awakening by visualizing images or a goal that is to be achieved.

The audio is played underneath regular music or audio so that the conscious mind can enjoy the music and the subconscious mind can grip hold of the underplayed words. Even visuals are also the same as they are featured for a very less amount of time for maximum effect on the subconscious mind.

All these techniques can actually help in the awakening of the human mind and help him/her to achieve higher goals in life instead of focusing on what is wrong and what is lacking. Scientists are planning to conduct further studies into the use of subliminal messages. These researches are to find out other best possible ways towards maximum self-improvement.

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