Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Success and performance depends on our attitude. A person with positive attitude is a high performer. In our life there are things over which we have no control or have very little control. But if we control our attitudes these uncontrollable things will contribute positively to our personality.
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People react differently to the same event. It's strange! It's the result of our attitudes. External events may be beyond our control, but our reactions are fully under our control. If we have the right attitude we will use every event to celebrate our lives.

Attitude is the way we look at the world. We can look at the world in two ways: either positively or negatively. Our personality depends on the way we choose to take. And depending on this we can be the biggest asset or the biggest liability in our society and organization. It depends on our attitudes. We have to control our attitudes and cultivate in us positive attitudes in spite ofallstruggles.

We can change our attitudes. William James tells, "the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." Great buildings have great foundations. The foundation of our happiness, our success and our productivity is our attitude. If I am a person of negative attitude I can choose to become a positive minded person. It's possible and easy to control and change our attitudes.

To change our attitude we must learn to think positively whenever something negative happens to us. Try to see something good in every person and in every event. Speak positively about people and about us. Fill our minds with more positive thoughts than negative ones. Think `I can' and we will succeed. Learn to look more at the half-full glass and forget about the half-empty glass and we will see life in full everywhere.

When we have the right attitude we won't be going for the never-ending search for diamonds outside us. When we have the right attitude we realize that we are walking on diamonds. We see in every event and person a great opportunity for us to learn and grow. We will be optimistic and see only good in every person and everywhere; we will begin to count our many blessings instead of counting our few failures. With the right attitude every failure becomes an opportunity for us to learn and walk towards success with greater determination and passion.
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Our environment, education and experience also can determine our attitudes. Environmental factors like our homes, school, friends, work atmosphere, media, cultural, religious, social, and political situation etc can mould our attitude. The positive experience we have of a person, event and situation also gives a positive attitude. Wisdom, knowledge, skills and qualification also can determine our attitudes. We need to consciously choose to acquire the right attitudes.

Fruits of positive attitudes: A person with positive attitude is caring, confident, patient, humble, cheerful, fun loving, positive, hardworking, dedicated, committed and has high expectations about him and others. He constantly improves his productivity, has an easy approach to problems, improves quality of work, creates lasting and effective relationships, is highly loyal to the organisation, passionately contributes to its profit, reduces stress, forms in him a pleasing personality, is courageous to take risks and initiatives, and takes responsibility for his growth and performance.

The negative attitude also has some influence on a person which can ruin his career and his life. He becomes bitter, resentful and a pessimist. It has bad effects on his health and performance. He complains constantly that roses have thorns and fails to see the beautiful roses among the thorns.

Attitude affects our every aspect of life. Happiness is the product of our attitudes because right attitudes will produce right actions. Only right actions can make us happy. If we have the right attitude we will see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. Having positive attitudes is a sure way to succeed in life. It is a sure way to long and cheerful life.

Let us opt for a great attitude to have a great life.

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