Astrology the unbelievable knowledge available to the mankind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

In this world there are many things which are unbelievable but truth. Some of them can be explained by science some cannot. From very ancient period of time people were trying to discover these unknown facts of science. One of these unbelievable parts of science is astrology. Astrology is a part of science which deals with planets and their effect in human life. There are many stars and planets in this universe. All these heavenly bodies have a specific effect in human life. Astrologer are the people who are expert in astrology. They can tell all about human future. In the pre historic period of time many astrologer were born all over the world including India. Different astrologer discover new fields of astrology and the astrology becomes much more developed. Astrologer can analyze the effect of different planets in human life and also tell human future. Now days the astrology become much more modern and technology dependent. Now days with the help of software astrologer can tell human future and make human horoscope. Astrology have many branches which are as follows 1. Horoscope: This is the graphical representation of the position of different planets and their effect in human life. 2. Palmistry: This is the art of telling human future by viewing the lines of hand 3. Numerology : This is the effect of numbers in human life 4. Vastu: This is the effect of position of house and different household things in human life.

Effects of stone in human future Stones play a very important role is astrology. They can control the bad effect of planets in human life. All stones do not have such powerful effect. Those special stones are called game stones. These stones are not only looks beautiful but also it has a great emphasis in human life. Every human being has a leading planet according to his zodiac sign. To control the effect of leading planet he or she must have a stone. The example of some precious stones are corals, cats eye , diamond etc.

Zodiac sign According to astrology every human being has their own leading planet. According to the leading planet there are eight zodiac signs like Aeries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn etc. According to the zodiac sign people have different characters and features.

Effects of Astrology in human fife Astrology controls many events in human life like birth, education, love, marriage, death etc. All these events in human life are pre determined and are controlled by planets. From the pre historic period of time astrology become very much famous all over the world including India. In India astrology becomes famous and developed during Vedic period. This branch of astrology is called Vedic astrology. This Vedic astrology is very much different from other astrological practices. This was adapted by many other countries.

The astrology is a science which can tell everything about human future. Astrologers are those person who can tell about the human future. Astrologers can make human horoscope by knowing the date and time of born.

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