Astrology - the most Popular of all Pseudoscientific Theories That You Can Know More About

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Astrology is undoubtedly the oldest and at the same time, the most popular of all pseudoscience of the present world. The study of this scientific tool is totally based on the alignment of the stars and planets. It also helps us to unravel the deep secrets of life and in turn help us to explore ourselves in the most extensive manner. The advancement of science is also making astrology to be more modern in course of time and as a consequence nowadays we are witnessing the strong psychological approach of this subject. This advancement also resulted in the Astrologers to develop their counseling skills, which is proving to be more successful in resolving the issues of different people who sought the help of astrology to overcome their problems of life, which could not be resolved by the other practices of our world.
This study of science is considered as a pseudoscience because people express their inclination towards it for their illegitimate reasons. In lucid words, the Astrologers believe that the life of an individual depends on the positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets during the time of his/her birth because it directly influences the character of an individual. Astrology is the best conglomeration of science, art and craft and this particular study is so vast that it is not possible by any individual of the world to grasp the knowledge of it as a whole.

Year after year the Astrologers involve themselves in deep research on the subject to predict how the year will fare, and this year is also not an exception as the Astrology 2013 predictions are already available in the market and being in the middle part of the year, we are seeing that most of the predictions are turning to be true, some of which are positive and the rest are negative and most dreaded by the human civilization of the world. 2013 astrology predictions says this year will witness more riots and uprising in different countries of the world such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia , Pakistan and Afghanistan. An escalation of disasters will take place, as there have been already avalanches in Afghanistan, epic fires in Colorado and an intense earthquake in the east coast of British Columbia. Another prediction that raised tension across the world is the acute water shortage and natural calamity flood. The countries which are expected to suffer from the blow of flood are Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Nigeria and Spain.

Many countries will see unemployment rising to double digit percentage, like Spain and Greece will feel the heat of this problem with maximum and twenty seven nations under European member will undergo this severe issue in low scale. Astrology 2013 predictions are just predictions but if the local administration or the governments of the countries take them seriously, it will not do any harm to the civic society but the people could lead a much safer and secured life. A disaster or calamity rarely gives a warning indication before their arrival. Hence, it is always good to keep the infrastructure support level as high as possible.

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