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Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

An astrologer is a person who has mass knowledge in the diverse applications of astrology along with the study of astronomy. That an astrologer should have some basic knowledge about universe, stars, planetary motion etc. By definition Astrology is related to the study of stars and planetary motion with respect to each individual’s birth date or birth time and the corresponding science with zodiac signs. It’s purely based on the zodiac signs, planets and houses. These planets and each house or human corresponds some science to human aspects of life and offers great solutions which human facing problems in every day life. An astrologer can guide with good and viable solutions towards reduction of problems of human lives. The popular sub divisions or sub forms of Astrology namely the hoary astrology, Annual Horoscope, Numerology, and Female astrology are having equal importance. A best astrologer is a person who will study the astrological nature of a particular client who approaches the astrologer to get solution to his various problems.

The astrologer can able to predict an individual past, present and future possibility through a complete study of astronomical data form the particular individual’s birth details. Based on an individuals birth details which mentioned in his birth chart the astrologer will make some conclusions about his life. He can make a strong conclusion about various aspects of human life quite easily and can do a prediction on various paths that a particular individual should for maximum success and comfort. Many have find relief in visiting or consulting a good astrologer to clarify those problems with their lives. It is strongly believe by a special community people to get the advice of a good astrologer before doing or starting a new event in their life. This is so many have approach the astrologer to get the advice on when to and where to start their next step in life to succeed. It may seem a difficult task in finding a best astrologer. Astrological studies help you perfect advices to go succeed in life and to have a confident feel on doing those stresses or difficult tasks.

Vedic astrology, come form the study of Veda is one of the oldest sciences of astrology has sustained its quality by the influence of people who seek to get guidance in their lives. Vedic astrology is the astrological study based on Nakshathra system thus it is also known as Nakshathra system of predicting ones future and past with a study based on ones birth details. This Nakshathra system of astrology has come up with a complete study on any individual’s birth, Nakshathra details and to predict the destiny and future considerations of that person. Vedic astrology follows the study of the house system of an individual birth time that with studying and correlating the zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses with the details in his birth chart. Many of the people around the world have found this is to be an effective way to check out the life flow depends on the constellation.

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