Astrology-A conventional Prospect

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Life is always unpredictable, sometimes there are a lot of miseries and downfalls in one’s life and sometimes life is as good as bed of roses. Though science is much advanced these days and can predict weather changes, give out tsunami warnings and talk about many more facts, yet it cannot predict future. When science fails at this, pseudo science that is Astronomy comes handy. Astrology is the study of the connection between the positions of various celestial bodies and their effects on people living on earth. It is a science of stars and their relative positions associated with the life of people that correlates with the symbolic representations and social occurrences in the world. Though many people regard it as a false approach and question its credibility, as according to them it is not possible to predict future based on calculations of celestial bodies, but it has been proven time and again that It is a justified approach that has been practiced for years in almost all parts of the world with the help of various techniques and careful observation of planets and heavenly bodies. Modern astrology is a good way to get a significant insight into person’s psyche especially when someone is going through a bad phase in life, but most of the people are interested in knowing their future rather than knowing the reasons for the tragedies that have occurred in their lives. There are various types of astrologies; the most effective one is the natal astrology which predicts the future of a person from his date of birth and other horoscope details. Astrology is also regarded as a science which was earlier used to predict weathers, natural disasters, environmental hazards etc. But nowadays it has been improved with the help of new techniques and procedures and it is absolute with almost everyone. People are always curious to know their future. Astrology provides answers to all the questions and predicts future happenings in a truthful way. There are a lot of fake people out there in the world who make a fool of others in the name of astrology which has been the main reason why some people regard it as a false practice. An astrologer is the one who has the premium qualities and deep knowledge of the techniques and procedures used to predict one’s future. Therefore, people need to be very careful while choosing an astrologer otherwise it can be very bad for one’s life living with wrong predictions and assumptions. The debate on whether astrology is a science or a pseudo science is endless. Keeping in mind its traditional perspectives and valuable contributions in many people’s life, It is a justified practice of predicting one’s future and it will remain a vital part of our culture, helping people live a better and more comprehensive life.

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