Assertiveness Is The Key To Success

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Assertiveness is generally about getting what you want. This is an important asset if you want to succeed in your field. To be assertive is essential and to assert oneself can be learnt. Sounds confusing right? Many people are confused about this statement. Many people want to be assertive but can’t seem to get the best ingredient to assert themselves. Assertiveness is valued, it pays, and it is easy. Confusing as it may sound, the good news about this is that, assertiveness can be learnt and if you are interested on how to master this quality, read on.

If you want to learn assertiveness, you can take personal development courses that specialize in this field. Here, your inner skill on being assertive in being developed until you can use it to your own end. By learning this skill, one can boost his or her confidence and self-esteem. By giving high regard to oneself, he or she can fulfill whatever aspirations or goals that he or she has. Through personal development however, one can be subjected to psychological analysis of assertiveness. Here, one can get confused on the idea of being assertive and attempts to implement it may sometimes backfire – some are laughed at while some fail to assert themselves.

Assertiveness can be agreeing or disagreeing with another and can be motivating and influencing in one’s favour. People who are not assertive can be exploited while people who are assertive can be successful. By using this skill, one can ask something in a specific way and get it. People who lack this quality has no or hardly don’t have control over how to handle relationships. This is a no-win situation thus; being assertive is the key to success. There are various ways to learn this trait and all you need to do is to have that determination to learn and implement it.


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