Assertiveness Is an Effective Way to Control Your Emotions

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Do you have the power to control your emotions?

Controlling our emotions always depend on our beliefs. If we have positive beliefs we are aware of the way you talk to yourself and others. The thoughts that linger in your head are the powerful forces that dictate your emotions right now.

Most people suffer from apprehension, fear, and depression. These individuals suffer because they keep their focus on negative emotions causing anxiety, fear, and depression.

Choose to be happy

Being happy is always a matter of choice. Your emotional life can be healed and balanced if you focus on the positive side. You must choose to be happy and contended. See the bright side of life to attract positive energies within you. These energies will transform you to become a better person.

If you were able to deal with your emotions, this can lead you towards boundless happiness. Imagine why there is a small water pump in your garden. It is not just there because it adds beauty to the eyes, but also it is there for the purpose of giving water to your garden to make the flower and plants bloom. Like your existence, you are here for a purpose and not by chance. Give light to the others less fortunate than you.

Visualization is an effective outlet. Find a relaxed position and imagine soothing colors you find calming your senses. This technique is an incredibly useful way to control your emotions in stressful and demanding times. Concentrate on a thing for quite a few minutes and watch how you breathe. This will divert your energy to something other than the negative emotions you're feeling at the moment.

If you learn how to control your thoughts, be aware of what you say to yourself, and how people will react to what you say to them, and then you will be able to control your emotions. You need to realize that you can't just burst out without first having a thought. Of course, this is not easy at first, but with constant practice, you will, later on, realize that you were able to control your emotions and overcome negative thoughts at the same time.

Acknowledge the cause of your negative emotions

Recognize the cause of your emotion and learn to acknowledge that feeling. Ask yourself what is the reason why you were mad or what made you. There are lots of factors to contribute to what you are feeling right now. One thing is the emotions that you don't want to let somebody see that made that stressful situation. Not knowing how to release the anger made the matter worst. You must know the assertive way when it comes to controlling your emotions.

Remember, getting angry is not bad; it's how you handle that anger that counts. Always think of constructive ways to channel that anger. If you made a comment, be sure that the reason is to make that person improve and not to destroy his well-being.


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