Are you living a healthy Life Style?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014


Healthy nutrition starts with the planning and selection of food for a balanced diet. The food then should be prepared to retain the natural vitamins and minerals. Guidance for food selection can be found in the USDA Publication: Home and Garden Bulletin No. 232-CP. Fruits, vegetables and nuts should be eaten raw with minimal seasoning added. Eating the food raw ensures that you get the maximum utilization of the natural vitamins and other nutrients from the food. You should always wash food thoroughly to remove any contaminates such as germs or pesticides.
When it is desirable to cook the food, waterless or low moisture cooking is the best method to use for healthy cooking. Waterless cooking does not require the addition of oil or other additives; it cooks the food in their natural juices. This requires the use of specialized surgical stainless steel cookware. The waterless cookware is designed to form a vapor seal between the stainless steel cooking pot and the stainless steel lid. The vapor seal cooks the food in its own juices locking in the food's natural nutrients. Selection of a variety of foods from all of the basic food groups and the use of waterless cookware to preparer the food is the first step to a healthy life style.
The surgical stainless steel which is used to manufacture the waterless cookware it provides for a long life and easy maintenance. The bottom of the cookware is constructed of several layers of high heat conducting materials laminated between two layers of surgical stainless steel. The heat conducting layers absorb and distribute the heat to prevent hot spots. The surgical stainless steel holds the heat in the cookware to allow low temperature cooking, and prevents warping in the bottom of the cookware.
Physical fitness requires a balance between vigorous healthy exercise to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and moderate weight exercise to develop and maintain healthy muscle tone. The two best cardiovascular healthy exercise techniques are walking and swimming. Swimming can actually serve both cardiovascular health and healthy muscle toning. The walkers can improve their upper body muscle toning by carrying light weights (one to five pounds) while walking. Many people like to run or jog for cardiovascular exercise. This is good for some people, but it is very stressful on the knees and hips. Prolonged jogging and/or running can cause permanent damage. For healthy body toning and body development the walking and/or swimming should be supplemented with regular visits to the health center for weight training, or use home exercises such as push-ups to target specific muscle groups.
When pursuing a healthy life style we should not forget our minds. The mind should be exercised regularly by reading good books and playing mind challenging games. The books should be a balance between nonfiction and fiction. Non fiction books should include historical and current events as well as biographies. Challenging games could be chess, cross word puzzles, monopoly, etc.
The most important thing for a healthy life style is to maintain a balance in all of the areas of your life.
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