Are YOU Craving a Profound Spiritual Awakening?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

At the present time, many people are craving a greater understanding and meaning to life. Often, this craving underlies a deep desire for some sort of 'spiritual awakening'.

Many have experienced a profound Spiritual Awakening just by reading the Main Page.

Before going to the site, it may prove beneficial to read an ACTUAL Testimonial. This will enable you to decide if you want to pursue a similar experience for yourself.

I have provided my own Testimonial below. There are many more provided on the website.


(Question 1) How did it "hit" you? In other words, what triggered the experience (i.e. What were you reading, thinking, etc.)?

"I was in bed one night and I was deeply contemplating the nature of my existence. The specific ideas I contemplated are provided on the website."

(Question 2) Tell me what happened in detail. What did you experience?

"All of a sudden I became completely 'hollowed out' and I expanded out to include everything and everyone. It was as if "I" was everything and, at the same time, "I" was the only thing. Very strange occurrence. Very hard to describe."

"I expanded out and I found myself in complete darkness. It was a bit disconcerting. Then, in my mind's eye, in bright, white, luminescent letters, came the words, "I AM". My mind thought, "What's going on?" Again, in my mind's eye, in bright, white, luminescent letters, came the words "I AM". That was it for me - complete peace and calm followed."

"I then felt 'myself' back in my body, but I still felt 'hollowed out'. That's the best way I can describe it, it just felt empty. I was in a daze for a couple of days when I started to notice that the 'hollowed out' feeling was being filled up with Love. And, it continues to grow stronger."

(Question 3) What insight did you gain from this?

"I realized through this experience that this loving "I AM" is both the darkness and the Light. It is everyone, everything, and all the space in between. It is the Alpha and the Omega."

"After the experience, I could feel a 'holy presence' within, and around, me. The more I focus on it, the more aware of it I become. It feels like it's getting stronger in me. The weird thing is: I deeply love this presence, and at the same time, I know this presence is my true Self. There is no other 'me'.

"I also know that this presence is everyone. So, when I look at others, I focus on their Inner Being rather than their outer, false ego-selves. When I do this, it's hard not to feel deep Love for everyone and everything. It's hard to explain, but I guess I see the "I AM" everywhere "I AM" goes."

"I keep using "I" throughout this commentary and it doesn't feel right. However, I don't know how else to relate the experience to others. Language is very limiting in context with this experience."

"This experience changes you. You don't look at people in the same way. You know the ego is just an illusion so it becomes very difficult to relate to people on an outer level. It's like being an alien on a strange planet. An adjustment period is something I am definitely going through. Another thing I've noticed is that this 'holy presence' guides you and gives you access to awareness (or knowledge) that you did not have before. This has changed my life forever."

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