Anxiety Therapy: How to Overcome the Anxiety Problem

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

It is normal to feel nervous and anxious at times. However there is a condition termed anxiety disorder where in a person experiences and feels fear and nervousness frequently and at an extreme level. In this state, the patient experiences breathing problems, trembling, increased heartbeat, and rush of extreme anxiousness and fear. This becomes chronic and occurs regularly. The onset of the anxiety attack can either be triggered or occur without a stimulus.
A lot of people suffer from this psychiatric disorder. In the United States alone, around 18% of Americans suffer from anxiety disorder. This number will be around 55 million individuals. And that's just on America alone.
The effects of anxiety disorder can be very detrimental. There are instances where a person is unable to do any of his daily and regular activities because of extreme fear and nervousness that something bad might happen. Due to this, various therapies were developed and utilized in order to overcome anxiety disorder. Some of these require the help of professionals and specialists while others can be done on your own.
There are a lot of anxiety therapies and remedies that you can do alone. You can probably do them anywhere you choose. This flexibility makes these kinds of treatments very popular. Below are some of the popular self help anxiety therapies.
Therapy #1: Music Therapy
There have been a lot of studies done on the effects of music to a person's well being. Results have shown that music affects the brain's functions through rhythm and melody. Thus, different types of music have different effects on the brain.
Research suggests that a relaxing type of music can actually calm and soothe your mind and body. As such, it is considered to be very effective in limiting the chances for an anxiety attack because of its stress busting effect. Stress is deemed to be one of the major causes that trigger anxiety attacks.
In this regard, it is strongly suggested that you listen to classical music rather than rock or metal types of music. The melody and rhythm of classical music has been widely known to have a relaxing effect to the body. Listening to this type of music will, in the long run, help you overcome anxiety disorder.
Therapy #2: Breathing Therapy
Deep breathing is a simple therapy that can be done anywhere and at anytime because you just simply breathe deep. This relaxes the whole body and allows oxygen to enter our bloodstream. As we all know, oxygen is an essential component of our body processes. Deep breathing supplies our whole body with oxygen allowing it to function properly.
Therapy #3: Herbal Therapy
Herbal medicines have been in use from the time of our ancestors. These herbal medicines are very effective and they have paved way for the development of current medicines and drugs. They are widely known for having a soothing and relaxing effect. Herbal medicines are usually used as tea, boiling its leaves and drinking it. Below are some herbs that you can use and drink as tea to relax your whole body and get rid of the stored stress.
• Lemon balm
• Lavender
• Catnip
• Hops
• Chamomile
• Ginkgo Biloba
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