Anxiety Problem

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

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Anxiety is a stress and tension condition which is bad for health. One can describe anxiety as a rush of panic in the victim's mind which is usually bad to the health. Anxiety is an extreme form of stress and panic attack. Often, panic attacks and anxiety are seen as the same. It is a disorder in which the person suffers from frequent bouts of anxiety and takes stress for even the trivial of things. This can seriously affect the health, as the heart speeds up erratically during an anxiety and breathing becomes difficult. Long periods of anxiety can work against your good health and hamper immunity against diseases.
The best way a person can stop and control an anxiety is to keep watching on his or her anxiety condition. Most people have a fantastic self-control on anxiety which they remind themselves every time they feel something remotely like stress. The major reason of anxiety is not being able to carry out specific tasks, worry about future events or think of some uncertain scenarios. People who have frequent anxiety should immediately consult a professional and take medical treatment to control the anxiety condition. Besides, depression and stress controlling medicines should be taken only under the prescription of a professional. The amount prescribed medication must be controlled or be followed properly so that it will not end up as overdose.
The cure for anxiety is not difficult to be followed. You just need to have self-confidence so that you will be able to do it. First of all you need to realize that all these attacks are not happening because there is something wrong with your body. It is completely in your hands to defeat them and do away with them for good. When you feel like you are on the edge of an anxiety, just let go of whatever you were thinking at that point of time and try to be relaxed. At that moment, you may notice that your shoulder and hand muscles are clenched and tight. What you have to do is to loosen and relaxed your muscles and let them stay limp.
Another way to curb the anxiety is to breathe in fresh air. It has been found that alteration in breathing increases intake of oxygen and allows the brain to be relaxed and calm. Once you are able to take deep breaths and let your mind go blank, the anxiety condition would start to recover. In the long run, anxiety treatment may include proper exercises which help in the proper blood circulation and the proper functioning of all the hormones in the body. A simple walk in the park or by the river or at the beach can do wonders for your mood and anxiety level. Treatment for anxiety can be done without the help of medication as well. You must have heard in fitness magazines that caffeine in tea and coffee is bad for health, but did you know it also contributes to increasing your anxiety levels? Caffeine should be substituted by chamomile, which is healthier and works more for de-stressing. Natural treatment without any medication is the best and effective way to cure anxiety if the person is at the beginning level of anxiety.

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