Anger Management Training At Home Is Your Lifeline To Better Days Ahead

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger management training is finally being recognized as being vital to the well-being of many people who are struggling with chronic anger. Being labeled as a “hot head” by a spouse, boss, co-workers or friends, can often lead to a life of isolation and loneliness.

Many people accept this label and figure that they are just misunderstood. They see their anger as being completely justified, because someone is always doing them wrong. Or, life just doesn’t give them any breaks. There are several ways of expressing this same sentiment.

Perhaps you’re someone who feels this way too, but then again, maybe you also recognize that you’ve got a problem that is beginning to affect you in some negative ways. Well, if you can see that chronic anger isn’t helping you succeed in life – you’re right!

Anger is a human emotion that everybody feels at one time or another, so it’s not the fact that you’re getting angry that’s the problem. It’s your reaction to whatever’s angering you at the time that’s problematic. You see, anger has both a mental and physical effect on your body. When you get riled up over something, your body releases chemicals that makes your heart rate jump up and blood rush to your head.

I know you’ve felt that “red heat” come over you, and when that happens – bam!

You’re capable of doing just about anything in that moment. You’re pumped full of adrenaline and it’s gotta go towards something. And, that something is usually a person or object of some kind. You need to vent and when you do, you release all of that pent up tension.

This reaction is perfectly understandable when you’re fighting the heavyweight champion of the world, or protecting your mother from a mugger, but in regular, everyday life situations, it’s a gross overreaction that can get you into a lot of trouble.

I mean, people are sitting in jail right now because they got angry and beat the crap out of someone. Usually, it’s due to being disrespected. In some cases, they’ve taken a gun and shot the person. Now, I’m not saying you would do this, but is being disrespected worth spending lots of time in jail?

Or, a guy gets ticked off at his girlfriend because she did something he didn’t like, so he slaps her around to teach her a lesson. Next thing you know, he’s being arrested for domestic abuse. The neighbors watch with curious looks as he’s escorted into a patrol car.

A popular teacher becomes unglued and starts wailing away at a student because he was making fun of a disabled girl. Instead of using the incident to teach the class a lesson about tolerance, she becomes the object of scorn and loses her job.

Chronic anger can get you into all sorts of trouble that you’d never imagined yourself being in, unless, of course, you learn to control it properly. It’s not something you can just ignore, because someday, you could be one of those people featured on a Youtube video because of your over-the-top behavior.

Remember, there may be witnesses to your angry outbursts and some of them have cell phones with cameras. You don’t want to lose a job, promotion, respect amongst your peers, or your freedom because you can’t control your temper.

The best way for you to avoid this fate is to look into taking one of the anger management courses on line. These courses are specifically designed to help you identify the source of your deep seated anger. You’ll also learn how to stop anger in it’s tracks before it gets to a point where you’re out of control.

Recognizing that you have a problem with anger is the first step. Taking action to make your life better than it is now, is the next.


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