Anger Management Tips that Will Help Affected Individuals Realise their Goals in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger is a change in behavior designed to communicate "Stop your behavior immediately. If you don't, violence towards you may follow." In animal kingdom, animals make loud sounds, if they are threatened physically. That is an attempt to look physically larger, bare their teeth and stare. Humans also behave in similar manner when there are perceptional pains and decision to oppose is done. Physical altercation without the prior expression of anger by least one of the participants is very rare.

Because we have language, humans usually have written and verbal sources ie written threats and verbal insults. Hence we may not perceive immediately physical threat, but can feel pain psychologically. Anger can arise without a direct physical threat and without an actual other person is present. However anger should not make you lose your control. You should be aware that when you are angry, your behavior may improve or worsen the situation. Hence you should learn to manage your anger. Normally when you are angry you can do counting to 10, take a walk, exercise some time, or talk to somebody else about your feelings. These activities usually slowly calm your feelings and after sometime you will not be excited as before.

Anger management tips will help you to achieve your goal. You should find ways to calm and soothe yourself. Deep breathing exercises, visualizing a relaxing scene or repeating soothing words like "take it easy" will help. Listening to music or performing yoga are also useful things. Once you are calm you must express your anger in controlled manner to the person who angered you. You can talk about your feeling with your family members or friends.

You can discuss with the person who angered you to find out the solutions to the situation. You should think before you speak so that you will not feel guilty afterwards. Instead of blaming anybody you should express your feelings. You should not grudge, but forgive for others mistakes. Nobody will behave like what you want. Humor should be used to release the tensions. But sarcasm should not be used. Practicing relaxation skills will help you to control your temper. It may take some time and lot of efforts to put these tips into practice when you are facing situations that make you angry. So you must keep something with you as a reminder to step back from the situation and get your anger under control.



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