Anger Management: More Commonplace Than Ever?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger management problems are becoming pandemic. In the world in which people live in today, there are increasingly large numbers of reasons for people to get angry. It seems often that the whole population of the world is becoming more egocentric and less caring about others. The good Samaritan of the Bible has become very rare. Everyone seems more enraged than ever before - which is for good reason, really - but people must sort out ways to deal with anger management.

Whether it is the morning commute becoming every more busy as increasing numbers of cars besiege the roads, or the fact that corporations force customers to buy into their own lingo and language and remove free choice, people's stress levels are rising. At some point, the mercury boils over and can explode. This occurs in the worst situations, with people's rage getting the better of them.

Often rage is unleashed on people who have very little to do with the underlying causes. They are simply the nearest person at the time; the straw that broke the camel's back. Human capacity to deal with anger in a positive manner has become stretched as the amount of stress a person undergoes in day to day life increases.

Because there are more reasons to be angry, so there is an increased need to manage and deal with this anger. People need anger management techniques that they can do out in their everyday lives to keep their rage in check, so that innocent people are not caught in the crossfire. There are several things people can do to stop themselves exploding in rage.

Breathing techniques are often the best way to keep people from being too angry. These work through a variety of distraction and instilling calmness to stop people from feeling too upset at the world and lashing out in a negative way. They encourage people to think and breathe, often counting to a number (ten is most popular) before acting or talking.

However, sometimes these are not sufficient to keep rage in check. There are times when something more is needed than simply self administering actions to stop being angry. A professional may be needed.

There are many anger management courses run by professionals across the nation. Some take small groups of people who feel they have been defined by their rage and try to help them keep it under control while others see people struggling with anger management problems one on one. In my opinion, this personalized approach is perhaps the best step towards effectively learning anger management.


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