Anger Management Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

“Anger is the mother of all destruction”- a popular saying, unbelievable but true, it is the most powerful emotions of human life, if one can control over anger he can control over all of his emotions, anger is not bad but loss of control over it is bad, if we cannot control it may destroy the sweetest relationship on the earth like marriage. Therefore to take the control, people take anger management classes, counseling etc.

Bad behavior, obnoxious languages, rude and aggressive behavior are the common outcome of anger even it may lead to a murder also. Now the question arises, whether anger can be controlled and when we should take a class. Yes, Anger can be controlled by taking anger management classes.

Dr. Ari Novick, a popular therapist and marriage counselor, he gives us some points that if it is happening in our life we should take an anger management class to help and save our marriage, take a look:

“1. Your partner feels the need to lie to you for fear you might blow up if you told the truth 2. Disagreements escalate quickly and easily even regarding the most mundane topics 3. Your partner has told you that if it weren't for having kids s/he would leave you 4. Your partner has asked you to move out or leave due to your angry outbursts 5. Your children are scared of you 6. Your partner is scared of you 7. You are unable to make positive changes to your interactions despite how hard you try 8. You have already been court required to take an anger management class 9. You feel out of control and often lack the ability to do the right thing when you do get upset 10. Other loved ones complain about your anger and no longer seek your friendship or time.”

Next question can be, where should we take classes and how can we find a reliable teacher or a marriage counselor. The best way of finding a teacher is a therapist directory, therapy directory is the best solution because in this case you may not go for a class like a child and it is time consuming also, therefore our therapist search is possible through online. These directories are basically meant for our therapist search and reliable too.



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