Anger Management Classes And Genetic Vs. Enviironemental Anger

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

One of the most frequently asked questions in anger management classes is whether one's anger problems are due to genetics or environment. At its most basic level anger is a survival mechanism which is hare wired into all of us. When you get angry, your sympathetic nervous system causes certain biological and physiological changes occur within your bodies. For example, the heart rate will begin to increase, blood pressure goes up, more adrenaline gets pumped into your body, and your hormones go out of control. In this sense, anger is a genetically based response to a threatening situation. The big question is how much our genetic potential is potentiated by environmental influences.

After al, there is a big difference between using anger as a way to survive when it is needed and to simply be angry for the smallest negative things that happen in your life. When this occurs, you will find that there is usually an underlying problem that causes you to get angry quickly. By taking anger management classes, you will be able to find this underlying problem, which in turn enables you to resolve any issues that are lying deep within yourself. For some people, the reason why they become angry so easily could be due to something that happened in the past, like a traumatic experience. On the other hand, it is also possible to be born this way, as studies have shown that even newborn babies can vary from one to another when it comes to how easily they become grumpy, frustrated, or annoyed.

The good news is that regardless of whether you are born angry or become very angry due to something that is happened in your past, it is possible to effectively control is anger by using different techniques, and all of these techniques can be taught to you once you begin taking anger management classes. For example, you will learn how to calm yourself in a heated situation, and this can be achieved by learning techniques that involve relaxing. You will also be taught how to recognize you're your feelings of anger are about to escalate, and what type of breathing exercises to do when that occurs. By practicing these techniques on the consistent basis, it becomes easier to utilize them on the fly when you find yourself in very difficult situations.

However, before you can begin to take Anger Management Classes, it is important to acknowledge that you have this problem, otherwise it becomes difficult to try to find solutions in how to control your emotions. By going with the right mindset to these classes, you have already opened your mind in learning new ways to deal with your anger more effectively.


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