Anger Management Class That Will Teach You Healthy Anger Controlling Skill

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger management means controlling your anger. When you are angry you may talk bad things which may affect our near ones. Because we have language, humans usually have written and verbal sources ie written threats and verbal insults. Hence we may not perceive immediately physical threat, but can feel pain psychologically. Anger can arise without a direct physical threat and without an actual other person is present. As we can envisage the far-away future, therefore, there is fear of twinge which comes up as a result of our imagination.

It may not be based on whatever thing occurring in the instantaneous present. Humans have some behavioral norms related to social survival. If anybody does not follow these norms, other human’s anger arises. E.g not receiving respect. This may break social or interpersonal safety rules. After encountering incidents of others being treated with prejudice, people get nervous and come under the effect of anger, though they are not at all involved in it. So human being experience anger empathetically.

However anger should not make you lose your control. You should be aware that when you are angry, your behavior may improve or worsen the situation. Hence you should learn to manage your anger. Normally when you are angry you can do counting to 10, take a walk, exercise some time, or talk to somebody else about your feelings. These activities usually slowly calm your feelings and after sometime you will not be excited as before.

But if this situation arises frequently then you must think of taking somebody’s help. If your anger lasts longer as time goes on, or if your anger leads into aggression or if your anger is destroying your personal and professional relationships then you must join anger management class which enable s you to talk with other people having same problems. It helps you to understand that anger is natural emotion. There is a difference between anger and aggression. Anger management is essential for well being of everybody. Other people’s success stories will give you assurance to solve your problem. You will get a support group in your nearby area.

Anger should be managed because the mismanaged anger and rage causes conflict in our personal and professional relationships. The situation will change from "Anger controlling you" to "you are controlling anger". Anger management class will teach you the healthy anger controlling skill. Everybody has it but you need support to apply this to your anger.



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