An Anger Management Class Can Boost Your Emotional Iq

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

An anger management class isn't necessarily the sort of thing that only violent people have to go through. It's a class that really anybody can benefit and profit from. Everybody can, because everybody carries some form of anger; it's a raw emotion that's universal. Countless movies and stories have been produced around just this emotion; in fact, some would say that it's an eternal even essential part of being a person. So it's a little surprising that there's this notion out there that anger management class is really for the misfits of society, those that can't "handle their anger issues" (whatever that means). It's funny and odd, because we don't really say that about other things that are (so to say) "human."

To be blunt, intercourse is quite human; it's quite universal; it's quite essential and quite a normal thing for people to engage in. But as the wee ones in society grow and age, mature, they are educated about sex and the norms that surround this topic. It's odd, why don't we feel that way about anger and our emotions? Why aren't anger management courses provided to adolescents, when (arguably) their emotions are raging at their wildest and most outrageous? In fact, the mounting consensus is that this is required. In fact, there's an established term for attempting to grade this. It's called "emotional IQ." And at an early age, people are beginning to take notice of these markers in emotional behavior and management (or rather mismanagement). And it's a good step forward. See, an anger management class isn't ever only about anger; these courses are always about the full range of emotions, and the sweeps from one emotion to the next.

It's important that people that are taking these classes realize this, in order to make the most of what they're "studying." And we say studying here, not to be condescending, but again, because there's that sort of misconception out there, that anger and the full range of emotions, aren't worth tackling in this structured way. You do have to realize that there will be a lot of these opportunities to make good, on your emotional awareness, and to this end, there are plenty of resources about which anger management class to take up (since not all of them are the same). There are important resources and authorities out there, for folks that have been court ordered to seek out assistance with their emotions as well. In those cases, a counselor (appointed or not) will be able to point to the correct kind of content regarding anger management class on the web, because there is a lot out there on this subject, and it's important to keep on the straight and narrow while you're looking up this kind of information.


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