Alternative Energy Healings - Fact Or Fiction?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Why are there so many different types of healings out there? Can they really help? Does one healing heal everything? And if not why?

Healings come in all different shapes, forms and sizes! Much of everything in the world does as well and this is an easy explanation, but alot of people have a tendency to make it more complicated then it really is!

Why are there so many different types of healings out there? And how can a physical body be healed?

There is alot of confusion depending on where you are on your learning curve dealing with energy work.

Yes the physical body can be healed, but this is from an energetic standpoint. Alot of clients today think that I had a healing done but still feel this way or have this ailment. A healing is not a magical cure. It is not always instant either, as it is a matter of having the energy work that was done integrate until your physical body can feel the effects of this as well.

Healers today are not the side-show traveling acts who claim to heal a person and have them walking with one swipe of their hands! We are real people, who have learned different ways to use energy for healing purposes.

Sure there are miracles out there that happen, but we also have to be realistic about things. Physical manifestations of energy built up have not been created over night, so they are generally not going to go away within 30 minutes. They can be healed within days or weeks after the session has been completed though and the energy work has fully integrated to your system.

So, why so many different healing types of sessions and can they all work? This is a big question I know we receive at our healing school as well as our associates!

There are different forms of healing due to the different ways of working with energy forms. There are many ways to heal, send and receive energy for healing purposes. Chakras, auras, meridians, marmas, energy grids, soul work, spiritual evolvement work, and so much more can be worked on with energy. There are as well energy work that can be linked with cultural backgrounds, such as shamanism and the ways they were taught.

Each and every area of energy work is different! Each one serves its own purpose for healing!

If you were having a problem with a cavity in your tooth, you would not go to a foot doctor about this issue and see if they can resole it. You would go to a dentist! Same reasoning can explain energy work! If you have a chakra issue, you are not going to have an aura session done to fix this issue.

Now alot of practitioners can do various forms of work, as they have been trained to do this. A few pointers I will suggest on finding a good practitioner to either perform your healings or learn from:
1. Check out their experience and certifications; how long they have been performing sessions, what are their feedback from them as well as where/how did they learn to perform this type of work
2. Compare their services; find some other practitioners that offer similiar services and compare pricing, knowledge, experience and just your general over-all feel of the different practitioners
3. Ask questions! This is a big key, as generally the ones who do not want to share what they are doing in their sessions is a big warning sign! If the person truly knows what they are doing and how to perform a particular session, they will explain this to you so you know what they will be doing.

I hope this helps answer some questions about different types of energy work, their reasons and ways to check out a practitioner!

Many Blessings and Love and Light

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